Upcoming Events

I’ve got a lot of interesting programs coming up. Some are open to the public, some are not. You can see all of the listings on my events page. On Wednesday I’ll be doing a program at a Girl Scout camp. I’m thinking about bringing Veronica. What a noisy hen – those of you who remember Marge will understand when I say that she is following right in that hen’s footsteps. (If you have an iPhone, you can hear Marge and get her ringtone here.)

There will be a Chicken Keeping Workshop in my backyard on Saturday. Three spots remain, so you can still come!



Saturday evening I’ll be doing a storytime for young children who wear cochlear implants. As many of you know, I am deaf, but because of technology and a very good surgeon, I function fully as a hearing person. I am so looking forward to reading Tillie Lays an Egg at this pajama-time event at the Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention.

On August  26, I’ll be doing a talk, quite far from home, in Kingston, Ontario. Details will be on my site soon.

I’ve just scheduled another workshop here at Little Pond Farm on Saturday, September 21. Sign up is now open. Do so soon, as this one is sure to sell out fast. It will be leaf peeper season here, and I know of several people planning on making the workshop part of a vacation to New England in the fall.

Keep an eye on the events page. More programs are in the works!


  1. When I’m expecting an important call, I assign Marge’s ringtone to their number. There is no mistaking the sound for another person’s phone and even if I happen to miss hearing it on the first “cackle”, the startled looks from the people around me make it obvious I have a call coming in! It’s also made for some great conversation starters. Granted, at first, most people may look at me like I’m nuts for having a chicken cackle ringtone….but a few pics of the girls and Cabbage Tether Ball or Phoebe & Pip (?) chatting nose to nose and they begin asking about the HenCam! I wish I lived closer to attend your workshop.

    • Thank you for telling me this :) I use Marge’s voice for my timer – I set it when I put money into a parking meter. Having Marge remind me when time is up means no parking tickets!

  2. The news about your reading at the Cochlear Implant Convention makes me smile. :)

  3. Actually, Marge is the ring tone my daughter uses for my calls to her phone and as her wake up alarm. I would have her as my ringtone, too. But, alas, my phone is not very smart.