Put The Goats To Work?

I found this tidbit in The New England Homestead from 1938.


My goats could certainly use more exercise, and it’d be nice if they were even a tad useful around the place, but I fear that after five minutes of this that I’d be more exhausted than them!


  1. Hilarious! Wow, you would surely be punished in some way for attempting this! Great share.

  2. You should do this for the Old Home Day parade next year!

  3. I can just hear Pip & Caper’s wonderment if you got them a special goat mobile to carry THEM around in! No way those cute boys would do the treading.

  4. As a native Texan, I assume I can say this: There are a lot of odd things going on in our state right now, none nearly so charming and amusing as the goatmobile. Have a cuppa on me this morning, Terry!