Today’s Happy Photo

It’s been a rough day. I had to postpone our vacation to care for sick chickens, and despite my best ministrations, two hens remain at the brink of death. I’ve gone away in the past and left a sick chicken at home. In those cases, I’d done what I could, and time would tell. But, in this situation, I had to stay. Four hens were too sick to drink their medicine down. I had to dose them several times today. I needed to wipe off their beaks to clear their airways of mucus. The care that I could give them would make a difference, and so I stayed. I’m totally bummed about not being able to head out in my car with my family, and it’s draining to do the sort of nursing that I’m doing for the hens. But here’s the thing about having animals around, there’s always that good moment. Always. This is today’s.

Pip and Phoebe

This whiffily, nose-twitchingly friendly conversation between Pip and Phoebe was just the salve that I needed. What was your happy moment today?


  1. Well, apart from picking a whole bucket full of beautiful flowers…
    instead of cooking supper we went to the supermarket, bought nice things from the deli counter then drove to near the highest point in Suffolk and had a picnic.
    Back home, as the light faded I shared a few special minutes with our cats in the little Wild Wood at the end of our garden, they love it down there. We played with sticks in the leaf litter and sat on logs :-)
    Hope your girls pull through Terry xx

  2. Look at that sweet goat and darling rabbit. Pip has been sitting around his corner all day today and has watched the hens and Phoebe as she’s run by. I am sorry to hear about the hens, and I read your earlier article about Ruby. Once they’ve improved perhaps you can take that much needed vacation if only for a vacation. Lord knows you deserve it.

  3. Such a dear sight to behold. I have to tell you about a sweet moment I witnessed this past week. My 5 year old grandson was playing out in our front entry way with his match-box cars. He had set up 2 ramps for his cars to go down and was busy racing them 1 on each side when Mae the Brown Boven Hen came over to join in the fun. As he let 1 car go, she pecked the other so it went down the ramp. She must have repeated this 6 times before she was off to join the other Hens. Both Ryder and I were laughing hysterically the whole time! That Hen is just the coolest smartest thing ever invented! I hope this makes you smile…….

  4. So sorry to hear about the sick girls but this picture is just wonderful! Calendar material perhaps? Thank you for sharing Terry.

  5. Aww! How sweet of them to arrange a nice treat for you on a tough day! They take such good care of you! ;)

  6. Your girls are lucky to have such an attentive nurse trying to pull them through this. I am sending all kinds of get well thoughts their way because they give me so many happy moments. My happy moment happened way too early this morning when my Siamese jumped on the bed and woke me up because she wanted a head rub. That would normally be very annoying but after 4 years, she is only just starting to purr when petted. I got her from the local animal shelter when she was 7 mos. old and I don’t think she was socialized at all. Hearing her purr is quite lovely.

  7. My happy moment is reading about yours. That is the cutest picture of Pip and Phoebe. I hope the chickens will pull through. You have a real Jewish mother’s heart. You do not waste time asking why, you just get right to the task at hand. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

  8. Seeing my hen with bumblefoot getting better and walking back to normal. She is on a 10 dose of antibiotics from vet. She looks improved. I am glad you Had a Good moment in the mix of everything else you are dealing with. Thanks for sharing ths photo. It’s priceless!

  9. I am so sorry that the girls are ill and you had to postpone/cancel your trip… my happy moment ofthey day was when I was laying gravel in my what will be a patio and some of the girls came ever to help me spread it by scratching around in it… the pics are on my facebook, also i had indy in the yead earlier today, and he was getting a thrill out of running at the chickens and have them run away and cluck I think he may end up be a little Candy-esque…

  10. The happy moment for my day was several minutes spent with my broodie-pain-in-the-rear-end, Mickie and her just hatched yesterday chicks, all three active and last egg pipped and waiting.

  11. My happy moment was getting the kitchen updates finished today; one more step closer to moving to where we can actually have our own girls. But ohmygosh! This photo is so cute! They must have planned it, knowing you were stressed. Bless their little hearts. So sorry to hear of the girls being sick, and your vacation plans being dashed. I’m keeping good thoughts that your efforts will bring them around to good health quickly. Such a good mom you are.

  12. So dear!! Thanks for sharing this photo with us. Made our day too! Blessings!

  13. This picture just made my day too! So sorry about your vacation and your girls. If anyone can turn this around, you can.
    Hoping all goes well. (P.S….Lulu was my favorite too).

  14. I know you’re a rider and fellow horse person, so you’ll understand this comment. What I noticed most about the sweet photo of Phoebe and Pip isn’t the interaction of snouts between the two, but Pip’s soft expression. I didn’t know goats could have “a kind eye”, but this one certainly does. As you know, it’s not that common in equines, and who knew it could be part of a goat’s make up, too! So, for me, today’s happy moment, was learning this fact. Thanks for that.

    • When Pip arrived here as a baby he had that temperament. I understand exactly what you mean about a kind eye – although Caper might disagree, as it’s Pip who is the one who t-bones his brother!

  15. Terry…Very sorry to hear about what is going on at the Little Pond. There is pretty much nothing worse than a handful or more of sick birds. Big hugs coming your way. I imagine that you did not get to ride yesterday? Keep us all posted.

  16. this just brought me to tears. hearing about how sick your hens are and then seeing this precious photo. so glad this made you smile today.

  17. When I opened the coop door this morning and the hens and 2 boys come out a flapping, running and with an attitude that seems to say “great things will happen today”.

  18. My happy moment was watching my 9 year old daughter and her friend’s video of them trying to tame the wild beasts in our household. The dog ran from their ribbon wand efforts, the gerbil stood up in her tank and tried to gab the Ipad and the cat just sat there and meowed for the camera. He’s always got alot to say!
    Hope things improve at your house. I admire your commitment to your animals now more than ever.

    • I keep a pair of female gerbils for my classroom. I get such joy from them.