Patriotic Boy and Goat

I love this photograph. Look at how the boy has his hand, lovingly, on his goat’s shoulder. Look at how simple, yet patriotic, the flags are in the wagon. There’s a sweet gentleness about this scene. I want to step into the photo and walk down the street with them and watch a parade.


In August, this image will be in a new book of postcards, Vintage Farm Animal Photographs. Meanwhile, Vintage Chicken Photographs is available in the HenCam store.


  1. If this goat was black, it would be exactly like my Billy ……same size, and even the same horns! I would love to find a wagon like that! It would be quite a job to hook Billy to it! There would be some training to do there!
    Love it, and can’t wait to order the new postcard book!

  2. I too, am excited for a new postcard book! These photos/postcards you have collected are wonderful!