A New Man In My Life

I’ve got a new man in my life. I’ve been wanting this for a long time, but I had certain criteria. I didn’t want to travel too far for the relationship. I’ve got a bad back and shoulder, and so he couldn’t be too physically demanding. I didn’t need someone too young. Experienced and sane was what I was looking for. Also, I like my men handsome. And smart.

Meet Mica.

Mica side view

Mica is a friend’s Hafflinger. He lives only two miles up the road at a nice barn that’s right on the trail system. Mica is twenty years old. He’s had a bout with Lyme disease and he has some hock issues. And he’s a tad – ahem – wide. We’re not about to go out galloping or training in dressage. He needs long, steady walks, which is all that my body can handle now, too. He’s got a pony’s cleverness about him, but Mica isn’t at all mean. And he’s not at all tall – so easy for me to saddle him even with my bum shoulder. My friend doesn’t have time to ride him daily, so I’ll help out a few days a week. Sounds like a good match, doesn’t it?

Besides, how could anyone resist those adorable perky ears?

Mica ears

Luckily, the other man in my life isn’t jealous at all.


  1. He’s perfect! And Palomino, that’s what I always had, he’s quite handsome! You are both lucky to have found each other ;) Enjoy!!

  2. What a sweetheart. You’re going to have plant/grow a lot more carrots to help nurture that relationship.

  3. Congrats Terry! Nothing like having a horse in your life….. Enjoy!

  4. He looks like he’d be wonderful to ride bareback. Nothing more soothing than riding a mellow & wide horse bareback at a walk.

    My main man is a wee bit more bony, and not so mellow. But he is sweet and has not taken off with me yet. After 6 months, we have a good relationship. But, I spend my week recovering from our time together. I am usually hobbling on Mondays.

  5. What a cute introduction to your new man! He’s just gorgeous, and just what you needed! Enjoy every minute with him!

  6. What a good friend you are to help her exercise her horse! :) Good for you, you need a distraction from the chickens right now. Such a cute face Mica has, I could kiss his little nose and who doesn’t like the smell of a horse.

  7. Mica is beautiful!! I Googled the Hafflinger horses and they are truly a handsome breed. Love the profuse manes and tails, just awesome.
    I know that you and Mica will be a match made in heaven!! Enjoy this handsome “other man” in your life, you deserve a gentle ride.
    :-) Kaye

  8. What a sweet face! A girl’s got to have standards. You know how to pick ’em.

  9. Beautiful… how is his name pronounced is (mIca) or (mEka) my bichons name is Mika pronounced mEka

  10. I think Hafflingers are the prettiest, and Mica’s gorgeous!! Be sure to post pix of you riding on him, please!

  11. Congratulations! Haflingers are a wonderful steady breed. Winston Churchill said “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a (wo)man.” I wholly agree. Like you, I had to wait until later in my life to get to horses – I was almost 30. I think my husband thought it was just a phase I’d grow out of.- he’s still waiting! That was over 20 years and 4 horses ago . It is a passion (some say mental illness?) that will never go away. I’ve been able to give my daughter the horse-filled life I did not have growing up. Horses have given her responsibility, joy, sometimes sadness, but always, friendship. I hope the same for you!!!!

  12. Reminds me of my first horse, a 20+ year old hand-me-down from a neighbor. Babe was low and broad, slow and gentle, and infinitely patient with the four little girls who rode her bareback all day up and down the field. I vaguely remember her managing a clumpy trot now and then, but mostly she was an out-of-retirement walking babysitter who taught us the basics of horse-keeping. We went on to bigger and livelier steeds, but I’ll always remember
    Babe as the first and best.
    Terry, I hope you post about your riding adventures, and how your back and shoulder hold up. I haven’t gotten on a horse in years, due to rheumatoid arthritis and other old-lady issues, but I’ve been thinking about trying it again. Just need some inspiration!

  13. Good Lord Terry what have you got now! What a great looking fellow. Such a sweet, gentle face. Looks like another winner. Any way you could adopt him on Little Pond. I would love waking up to him every morning. I had a half horse, half pony horse just like him growing up. (only a philly) Her name was keto and she was special. No matter who rode her, and we all did, she would go into a full gallop and then when you were just starting to get a good rhythm going, she would stop on a dime. Whoever was on her back, went flying through the air and hit the ground. Ahhh, good memories this blog brings up. Thank you again. Congratulations, hope you live all your childhood dreams…..

    • PS-Sorry, I really butchered the English language on this post. Keto, and half horse and half pony. Question mark after Little Pond. Reminds me of a day late, and a penny short.

    • When I was 8 I took riding lessons on a Shetland pony who dumped me every which way (and weekly into the manure pile.) I learned every trick in the book from him!

      • Lol, understand great times. I’m sure Mica doesn’t have such a devious sense of humor, like Keto and the Shetland pony.

  14. I love him already. Although he does need a little mane trimming, wouldn’t want him to step on a chicken or bunny. :)

  15. Don’t let Pip & Caper know about him!! They may get very jealous!! Just kidding!! :)

  16. There are some girls (like me, and apparently you), who NEVER grow out of wanting a pony. Congratulations!

  17. You just can’t get that horse-sweat out of your blood, can you? Congrats!!!!!!!

  18. There is something to be said about a nice peaceful ride on a horse. Enjoy Terry, you deserve this!

  19. I’m thrilled for you and (I admit) green with envy! Sounds like the perfect relationship. I’ve never understood the phrase “don’t have time to ride” someday I hope to meet the pony of my dreams! Happy trails!

  20. Enjoy Terry! Last week my Girl Scout Troop went to a lovely place called HorseAbility. They provide therapeutic riding. We have an inclusive troop. Nursing home residents were there visiting with horses in a field meanwhile. It made me think of your efforts. It was a beauty to behold- the joy and delight on both young and old faces. So funny you are now mentioning a horse.

  21. You are so lucky…..I’ve always wanted a Hafflinger. He is beautiful enjoy your fun horse.

  22. Just perfect!
    I was also a “wish-for-a-pony” girl who voraciously read every pony book I could lay my hands on ( inc the Chincoteague books, hence I love the name ‘Misty’ for one of your little ‘uns!)
    Happy days ahead, Terry! Enjoy your new higher view over hedges and walls!

  23. Love a Haflinger. Sturdy and steady, they are. Perfect for us …um…over 40’s. (Or, in my case, over 50’s.) Mica looks like a very handsome boy, and who among us couldn’t use a few, er, long walks. I hope you’ll have his feet attended to before much trail riding. They’re slightly chippy and misshapen, but also a bit too short– an odd combination. Maybe time for shoes. Anyway, I bet you’ll have tons of fun because the whole world is better from the back of a trusty horse. I’m jealous. Very, very jealous. :)

  24. I enjoy dropping in to see your chickens from time to time, it is 7:07am here in Alaska right now sometimes I don’t think to see your cams until they’ve gone to bed at night. We have a homestead by the Matanuska Glacier near Palmer Alaska but we live near Hatcher Pass on the other side of Palmer Alaska. We have 11 hens and 1 Rooster. Three Icelandic Horses and a 2yr old Bashkir Curly we named Yukon. This year we are training to ride our 4 yr old Icelandic her name is Jolkla (pounced Yolkla). Anyway it is wonderful you have a horse in your life. I have never ridden a half linger but I would like to for the same reasons you stated in your post. Happy Trails to you!!!

    • How do you take care of your chickens in extreme cold? And since you have little daylight in the winter to you add electric lighting? BTW, I rode an Icelandic horse in Iceland. Great animals!