Robins, Day 14, Good-bye!

By the end of day 13, all of the robins had left the nest. Not that there was much of a nest left. What was there was flattened and looked like a trampled, packed patch of dirt and dead grasses.

empty nest

The black specks on the window box are mites, and so the old dog beds got sealed up in garbage bags and tossed off of the porch – I didn’t want to even walk them through the house! The flowers and tomatoes in the window box, and all of the dirt that it contained, also got thrown out.

dog beds


I scrubbed with soapy water.



Once dry, the porch got sprayed with permethrin. I’ll be keeping Lily off of there for a week, as any remaining mites will be hungry and looking for a host.

Good-bye robins! And good riddance!


  1. I was wondering if you are seeing the family in the neighborhood? Do they stay together? We do not have robins here, so I am unfamiliar. I often see cardinals here that take care of babies out of the nest for awhile.
    good luck on the mites! my neighbors are spraying for them today but so far I have been lucky!

  2. That has to feel better to get that all cleaned up. I’m so sorry you had to do that. But it sure was fun watching those baby Robins grow up.

  3. It was such a nice gift to share the robins with us. I hate you lost your flowers, tomato plant, Lily’s bedding and your time to clean up. It was a beautiful arrangement of floral you had. Thanks again for making the sacrifice……Not many would take the time.

  4. It’s not easy raising a family! Congratulations on your new brood of grandbaby birds!