Robins, Day 13, Two Remain

I am not stepping onto the porch until the robins are gone and I can scrub it clean. I opened the bathroom window to get a photo of the parent,

robin box



and a fledgling leapt out of the box, landed on the deck, squirted poop, and flew off into the smokebush (that gorgeous plant below the porch.) I was so surprised that I was only able to get this one photo. Obviously, even without the mite problem,  I’d be out there with a scrub brush once all of the birds leave.

on porch



As it is, two remain. I’m hoping that they’ll be gone by tomorrow!

two left


  1. Eewww! Those mites creep me out all the way here in California. Cute birds but good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on your little mite infested bottoms.

  2. Too bad all the way around. They had such a good start, too, and deserve a nice life. Still hoping they can make it ok somehow.

  3. Yes, they do squirt copious amounts of the stuff, don’t they? I just discovered two young robins in our shed today – they apparently got in there yesterday when the door was open and got locked in. They left, but I was left with a big pile o’ poop. I’t’s really too bad that your baby robin experience ended on a sour note. But hey, on the bright side, you should be able to get a replacement tomato plant at a really good price now that the garden centers are marking down their remaining inventory. :-)