Robins, Day 11, A Fledgling!

This morning I left Lily inside while I checked on the robin’s nest on my porch.



I noticed that the robins had reoriented themselves again, butts in, beaks out.



The oldest robin looked especially uncomfortable. There’s not enough room for it’s wings to be at it’s sides.

wings up


While I was taking this photo it leaped out of the nest and half-tumbled, half-flew to the porch floor, and then leapt into the air and landed safely on the ground! Take a close look. The young robin is to the bottom, left, of the stone wall. The parent is on the wall.



Maybe I had scared the baby out of it’s nest! I ran downstairs to “save” it. It ran away from me, but I was able to scoop it up and bring it back to it’s nest. I gently put it back it, and it immediately flung itself back out, over the railing, and back to the lawn, where a parent was waiting, with food in his mouth.

parental help


I guess it was time. Meanwhile, the fledgling’s siblings are sighing with relief that they have more space in the nest.



The parents will have their work cut out for them, taking care of the fledgling, and the three remaining youngsters in the nest. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to keep Lily off of the porch!


  1. It’s all very fascinating! I wonder how the parents keep ALL of them safe when there are some in and some out of the nest. ( now to go catch up on the previous days of the story)

  2. Awww, looks like their playing peek-a-boo with you in pic no. six. So sweet.

  3. He’ll be flying in no time. A few weeks ago I saw a fledgling in front of my apartment. He didn’t even act afraid of me. When I walked by too close I was surprised he could fly quite well.

  4. Well, they probably never liked their bossy smarter older brother anyway. No loss. Snuggle in, remaining chicks.
    (Nothing personal here…maybe.)