Baby Robins, Day 10

There’s loud, demanding cheeping coming from the nest. The robin parents fly back and forth with insects in their mouths. The youngsters have oriented themselves to the direction that the adults approach and land.

It’s getting crowded. But, there’s no manure in the nest because after the parents feed their babies, they fly off with  the poo. Still, there’s little room in there. From what I’ve read, these youngsters will be ready to fledge (leave the nest) by day 12 or 14. Soon! They’ll able to fly, but will still beg for food from their parents and so it will be noisy around here awhile longer.

day 10


Starting tomorrow, I’ll be keeping Lily off of the porch. Although she see ignores the robins now, a bird that drops right in front of her nose is sure to be of interest to her.


  1. I wonder if the parents participate in the flying lessons? What happens if one of the babies falls to the ground during their first flight? Do the parents get involved?

  2. I’m so happy that all four are still in the nest. Yay for the littlest one!

  3. They are growing so fast! I’m thrilled all four have survived.

  4. I watched a baby cardinal leave the nest. It all happened so very fast. The daddy had it flap from the Butterfly bush branches. The daddy would get in front of the baby once on the ground, as if to say, “come this way”. There was a lot of chirping going on too. It would hop up trying to fly. The baby could jump on to the fence (two feet off the ground) and would fly down the other side. They continued to hop, jump, and fly a little until they were out of sight. I don’t know where mommy bird was. They both had feed and cared for them. Thank you Terry for the daily up date!

  5. Good insight about Lily. Bless Lily for making the sacrifice. I’m also glad the smallest is still in nest. They are all adorable. Love to see the daily update.

  6. it’s good to be careful . . . . but you never know.
    i had one of my cats bring me a baby bird and drop it at my feet and walk off
    looking for others?
    i ended up raising the baby, then found him a safer home with my pet-food man who doesn’t keep cats as pets on purpose.
    he said he fit right in with the other robins at the feed station and must have flown off with them in the fall

  7. well i certainly never thought about the poo! so interesting! clean little creatures!