Robin Chicks, Day 4

Baby robins are such odd little creatures! Here they are on the fourth day after the first one hatched. They are still mostly bald, with large, out-or-proportion heads that they can barely lift, but look at how they’ve grown to fill up the nest.


American Robins, day four

Here is a view of where the nest is hidden in my window box. You can see why the robins thought that it would be a good place. The roof gives it some shelter from the elements, and the nest is inaccessible to predators.


They rightly determined that Lily was not a threat. Lily spends much of her day up there, but she ignores the robin parents that fly back and forth with insects, and they ignore her. The robins, however, don’t ignore me. If I go out there I am glared at, and then the parents fly off, and so I have ceded the space to the birds and the dog.


  1. They are the cutest little squatters ever. Thanks for sharing their story with us.

  2. They look like tiny prehistoric beings. It is amazing how fast they grow.

  3. Love your appreciation & respect of nature…and Lily’s too!

  4. Let’s see…their names could be Einstein, Phyllis Diller, Harpo… Need a fourth!
    So glad they’re doing so well! Thank you!

  5. The robins are correct, it is a good place. Pretty, too! Love seeing those fuzzy little babes.

  6. So fragile looking.
    Smart little creatures….that’s a perfect spot to build their nest. With a pretty view too!

  7. Hopefully they will make it past the fledging stage and next year come back to bother you again Terry.

  8. You have to wonder, with so many beautiful trees in area, why would they nest in a flower box so close to Lily and human activity. I would like to think they’ve noticed how well the animals are cared for there. Lovely picture of home and landscape. I especially like the nook, (widow’s walk, porch?) where Lily and the robins are.

  9. Robins have always been my favorite birds. Thanks for posting their progress – I am enjoying it

  10. “Robin Cam” anybody??? Your husband says NO WAY! LOL Great picture!