Baby Robins, the First Days

All four eggs hatched. These baby robins are between one and three days old.

baby robins

American Robin hatchlings


They give me a new perspective on my hungry teenage sons.


  1. Sooo very sweet. I wouldn’t be able to get any work done. I’d be outside watching them and tossing meal worms out to mama to feed them. Gosh, I’m such a softie.

    • There are plenty of insects for the robin parents to find without me feeding them! I’m happy for them to eat the bugs, it makes me happy every time I see an inch worm in their beaks.

      • Oh, I know there are plenty of bugs out there. I just feel for the parents who work so hard at it.

        • I think it’s like chickens – if they get all of the food easily, at once, they get sick. Besides, I think they like the time off of the nest away from those demanding chicks :)

  2. What a treat to watch. I love the parents getting all kinds of bugs from the yard. An added bonus!

  3. Right outside your window! What a privilege! Thanks for the lovely photos, Terry. :-)

  4. Haha My son is 7 and he is already an eating machine!

    Does Lily know they are there?