Robin Babies, Day 9

There’s now little difference between the chick that hatched first and it’s siblings. They are all large and bristling with pinfeathers.



I’ve yet to get a photograph of them with gaping mouths, demanding food. I haven’t seen them in that pose yet. Most of the time they’re sleeping.



Perhaps the parents are doing a very, very good job of feeding them. There’s certainly food in abundance. Here is a robin parent in the maple tree, with an insect in her mouth, waiting impatiently for me to leave the porch so that she can feed her babies. (Note that this bird has one dark leg and one light. Not even robins are uniform in appearance!)

parent robin


The robins, though, are tolerant of Lily’s presence. How do they know that this dog thinks that they are of no consequence? She hasn’t even lifted her nose to sniff the nest. Lily says that she has better things to do than to pay attention to robins. She watches for important things, like UPS trucks and bicyclists.



  1. When did the upside down one turn over? I’ve been wondering about that!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Me too…..about the little tummy one. Love the pic of Lily.

  3. Many years ago a cock robin built a nest in a tree just outside my living room window very close to my favorite chair. I had two cats who also frequented the arm of that chair. I was excitedly anticipating the eggs and nesting process when he brought mama robin to see his handiwork. She took one look at the nest and another at a cat and me through the window, and swore a robin’s egg blue streak at him for being so stupid. And that was the end of that. So I am particularly enjoying your more tolerant birds and their pictures. It’s amazing that they don’t see Lily as a threat.

  4. Watching your baby birds grow is great. I don’t know where else you would find pics and posts like this. Lily is such a fine specimen of a guard dog. So pretty. Liked Jean R.’s post.

  5. This is OT Terry, but 8:34 a.m. Tuesday inside cam is a good screenshot for your upcoming “Where’s Phoebe” book!

  6. What a great perch for your sweet little Lily!
    And, baby robins? …not that cute. Bless their hearts. lol