You might think, what with my love of old photographs and vintage that I wished that I lived in another time and place. I don’t. I don’t do politics on my blog, but I have to say that I’m so grateful to be here, in America, now. If I had given birth 100 years ago, I would have died. If it weren’t for science, I’d be deaf. My gay family members and friends can now marry (at least here, in my state.)  My grandparents escaped the pogroms in Russia. For my family, this is the best it has ever been. Some good things have been lost, but much more has been gained.

Today is Flag Day. Sometimes an image from the past is nostalgic and yet current at the same time.



  1. Great picture! I too love vintage pictures, partly because the sepia tint gives the picture a warm feeling. But this is one old photo that I would like to see in color for the red, white and blue. Happy Flag Day.

  2. Today takes on a different feeling when you think of it through your great grandparents and grandparents…arriving here with little in their pockets and not knowing the future but most likely having the same smiles on their faces. What a wonderful photo and thanks for sharing.

  3. Terry, I agree. This is the best time. My grandparents and mother (as a baby who got black diphtheria) survived a horrible boat trip coming to America escaping from a small village in a small country in middle Europe in 1906. It was under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then the Nazis, then the Communists until finally free in 1989. Although my grandparents never mastered English well, they loved their new country where they were safe and free. They worked hard, went to night school and were SO proud to earn their citizenship papers. I still have and cherish those documents which represented so much.
    Medicine and technology: The former saved my life, and technology in my semi-disabled world gives me freedom and independence to take care of my business by phone or computer and connects me to the outside world…and that includes Hencam! Ever grateful for this date and time as much as I love and collect old photos, too.

  4. My parents were married on Flag Day! They were only 15, and 17 years of age! They were married 66 years before my father passed away. My mother always told me about an elderly lady, that at the time of their marriage, said, “Oh, they are just “playing house”, it will never last!” Ha!!!!!!!!!

  5. When I was little my parents told me the flags were out because it was my birthday,,,,I still feel blessed to have been born in this country and on Flag Day!

  6. Happy Flag Day, Terry! We’ve made definite improvements along the way…hopefully a lot more to come for the economy, the environment, and for all of us.

  7. I wonder if those are bathing costumes and caps they are dressed in?

  8. The pogroms and the Holocaust were the darkest times for this world. I am thankful for every Jew who survived and I wonder how many miracles went into the graves of those who were so cruelly slaughtered. To be sure the only reason this nation has had any blessings at all is because of the Jews. God said he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her and through her will the nations of the earth be blessed. Be blessed forever Terry, Steve and family!

  9. Terry I love the vintage as well but like you I like being right here right now. It seems like a simple time, less stress, less hassle. Things were made to last. Remember when washing machines lasted 20-25 years? Now your lucky if you can get 5 years out of one.
    If I could change one thing in the here and now I would eliminate much of social media. I hate most of it. I won’t text, don’t even have it on my phone, don’t have a Facebook account and pretty sure never will.

  10. May the blessings of equality and freedom continue to grow!