The Austin Report and a Giveaway

I love Austin. I flew down the last week of March with my friend, Lauren Scheuer and her lovely daughter, Sarah. I had a feeling it’d be a fun trip, after all, my traveling companions were the best, and we were going to see the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour. But, the visit exceeded my expectations. First of all, the city has the best signs. This one describes many of Austin’s neighborhoods,

eco sign

but this one captures the funk, the color and the western vibe.

boot sign

I also took this neon sign as a sign to go ahead and fulfill my dream of owning a pair of cowgirl boots. It turns out that Sarah had the same dream. We went shopping. Everything is bigger in Texas. There are boot stores larger than my house, with a selection not seen anywhere here in the East.


We came home with these. Mine are the red ones on the right.

red boots

The boots would have been enough for me, but then there was the Texas hospitality. When we told the organizers of the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour that we were coming down, and that it’d be nice to meet up with some like-minded chicken folks on Friday night, they gathered the troops and gave us a warm welcome. And hats.

On the left is Susan, of the Austin Bluebonnet Egg Show. I just might have to go back down for that event! (Notice my boots???)

austin bluebonnet

Saturday was the big day.

tour sign

It began at Buck Moore Feed & Supply. Every town should have one of these.

buck moore

Debra is the driving force behind this amazing chicken fest. There she is on the left, wearing a t-shirt printed with Lauren’s design.


Lauren signed copies of her new book, Once Upon a Flock, and I had my books for sale.


But, better than signing new books, was signing a much-loved copy owned by this young reader.


Lauren signed her books and t-shirts, and still had time to fall madly in love with this nice rooster.

lauren and rooster

We had so much fun that we had time to see only a couple of coops. Some were cute and quaint. This is the perfect use for a prefab playhouse.

dollhouse coop

Being that this wasTexas, you had to have an over-the-top coop, too. Look at the colors! The crystal chandelier!

fancy coop

On Sunday, Sarah and Lauren had to go back home, but I headed to the flea markets near Round Top. I found three of these small feed sacks. I gave them a good washing and ironing. They’re still stained (you should have seen them before the cleaning!) but sweet as can be, and so TEXAS. You can win one!

feed sack

Just tell me where I should go next. The winner will be determined by a random number generator. One entry per person. Entries close Friday, April 12 at Midnight, EDT.

UPDATE: This contest is closed. Lois Tooker, from Massachusetts won.


  1. I love your boots, and the pictures of your trip! Those chicken coops sure look like cute little cottages!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I think you should come to the Ozarks, next!
    In the Fall we have a Farmfest in Springfield, and in Mansfield, we have Baker Creek. Baker Creek Seeds are heirloom seeds, and they have poultry there of all kinds. Look up The Gettles are a very neat family. They have a very nice seed catalog, a magazine and several books out. Their place is like an old time town. They even have a vegan restaurant that you donate money for your meal, because there are no prices! The first week in May is their biggest Festival in Mansfield. They own two other businesses, one in California (a seed bank), and one in Connecticut (An old seed company).

  2. On the website of my last post, be sure and go to the About page. It tells al l”about” them, in a nutshell! The picture show is wonderful, too! Enjoy!

  3. The mountains of VA are a lovely place to visit especially in the fall, we have your colorful leaves at much warmer non snowed temperatures. Or anywhere on the Chesapeake Bay on the Eastern Shore, or any of our historical sites, you can’t throw a stone in this commonwealth without hitting one.

  4. You should come to England! Lots of chicken people over here. LOTS. :)

  5. Gosh, looks like it was a great trip. The boots are just stunning and I love the t-shirts with the logo. What a handsome rooster that woman is holding. Being new to the chicken community, I must look around our area and see what it has to offer in way of shows and festivals for chicken people. There are a few small events that I am aware of, like the fair and livestock auction, but I’m sure there’s more and on a larger level. Glad you had a great trip and nice weather to boot. (no pun intended) Love the beautiful pictures. Look forward to more……thanks for sharing.

  6. Come back to Texas! Still so much to see. Would love to have you at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo in January! Your trip was awesome and I’m glad you got to see and do so much,

  7. Love the red boots and your hat…”stylin” Miss Terry,

  8. I love the art work on this feedbag. as for where you should go next? Stay home – here in Massachusetts :-)

  9. The Outer Banks of North Carolina – so pristine and quiet, especially in the spring before school lets out!

    Hope you and your awesome red boots are rocking New England!

  10. Um….Terry? You need to put those boots on and come back to Temecula and we can take a drive and pick out a nice Tennessee Walker for you to take home? LOL!

  11. II think you should head to England…they have all the coolest chicken stuff over there and then I would have an excuse to visit there!

  12. Looks like a wonderfully fun time and your pictures are wonderful too!
    p.s. I LOVE the boots too!

  13. I agree with Elizabeth Anne! Would love to see you at the Fort Worth Stock Show or the State Fair of Texas in Dallas! Your boots are great!

  14. You should definitely come to western Montana. Fantastic mountains, beautiful rivers, friendly people, amazing farmer’s markets, and lots of chickens. As long as the chickens are protected from bears, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, raccoons, hawks, and various other predators!

  15. One can never have too many pairs of boots!!! Love your new ones!

  16. I know that you and yours are enjoying the glorious weather there. Looks wonderful. Nice to see
    Buffy in the sun. Got concerned when I saw Siouxsie in the Little Barn run during free range time. Glad she’s back with the Gems. Can hardly wait for a new bunny in the run. Getting any ideas?

  17. Come to Ventura, CA! We have so many good chicken people here!

  18. I think Seattle…funky atmosphere in the northwest. Bet Grow & Resist &/or Northwest Edible could give all sorts of places to go, see, & do!

  19. San Antonio is the place to come. We have Fiesta coming up soon! (April 18-28)

  20. Terry, your trip looked like so much fun, love the boots, all three of you gals make some pretty cowgirls! The fancy coops are neat, Im still building my coop, its 6ft tall and going to have windows. If I can figure out how to get this laptop to take pics again I will show you. I was in Texas once for the army, I didn’t have as much fun as you did! lol

    • P.S. Come and visit me in MO. The Show me state! Thank you for showing me so much cool stuff, HenCam makes my day!

  21. The beautiful Pacific Northwest….Seattle with our mountains, trees, green grass and the Pacific Ocean just a few hours away.

  22. You should come to Michigan in the fall, wear your beautiful boots!

  23. LOVE the Red boots!
    I think you should come to Kentucky!!
    Our public library does great presentatons during the summer for things like this!

  24. It was so nice to meet you at the coop tour and i love your blog… you were so helpful that day and thank you so much… hope we cross paths again…