Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Here in Massachusetts we have one of the largest and best flea markets in the country. It happens three times a year and fills up fields on either side of a mile of road in the small town of Brimfield. It just so happens that Texas has a similar seasonal flea market, in the tiny town of Round Top (population 90), and it happened to be going on when I was down in Austin. I rented a car and drove the 70 miles east to see what it was like.

Everything is bigger in Texas. Whereas Brimfield really is in the one small community of Brimfield, Round Top actually takes place in several towns. There are miles of fields filled with tents, some with piles of junk, and others with antiques usually found only in tony shops.

Even the taxidermy was bigger.



There were big piles of wooden wheels.


Reclaimed metal salvage is currently on trend. These banged up chicken feeders were being sold to be repurposed into pendant lamps and flower planters.


This being Texas, even the rusty metal salvage was bigger. This corn crib sold the first day of the show. It will be a screen house on someone’s estate.

corn crib

There were plenty of things to fit a chicken-themed decor.


These windmill weights were the real deal. Remember the fake that I saw at Brimfield? (There were plenty of repros and fakes at Round Top, too. Buyer beware!)

windmill weights

Not everything was made of metal.


This vintage incubator would make a cute end table. It reminded me of the chicks back home.


These industrial scrubbers would have made the perfect gift for Pip and Caper. It’s shedding season and wouldn’t these make great scratching posts? Too bad they didn’t fit into my carryon luggage.


I did find something to bring home. but I’ve got to clean it up before I share it with you.


  1. Looks like a very fun trip! Can’t wait to see what you bought! By the way the spa you recommended saved Shirley, my Polish hen. She is her old self again! I got the 2 baby goats! One got out the first day…whew, what a story! They are safely secured and loved on now!
    Thanks Terry, glad you are back!
    Pat D.

  2. What a nice trip, looks like so much fun. You take such good pictures, lots of cool stuff. Cool old incubator, cant wait to see what you brought home :)

  3. Terry,
    You got out of Austin just in time or you would have been up to your kaboodle in water. Their having record rains there today. Love the wagon wheels. Would make a nice yard accent. Maybe even a nice roost in the chicken run. Have fallen in love with Pip and Caper. Didn’t really notice goats much, until I started watching these handsome brothers. Hope you have a good day!

    • Actually glad to hear about the rain as I know you’ve been suffering through a long-term drought. The bluebonnets will be blazing in color when the rains are done!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time was had. It would be hard to leave a sale like that without some treasure. Loving the new additions, difficult to get much done here as I am always checking in on them.

  5. Gotta find some of those scrubber here in MA for the goat brothers. It would feel so good.

  6. I would never have survived a flea market of that caliber with only a carry on! A pickup truck, maybe :)

  7. I hate to ask a stupid question, but what are “tony shops”?