The Poultry Show

The Boston Poultry Expo, America’s first and oldest poultry show, first met in 1849. No longer held in the city, it now occurs in the small town of Oxford, Massachusetts, set up in an indoor horse arena. It is a fine event where you will find friendly people who are passionate about poultry. I like driving out there to see the birds and talk to the breeders. I’ve even bought a few pullets from exhibitors. I’ll be there on Saturday. I’ve no intention of buying anything, but it never hurts to look. If you are coming, please let me know! I’ll be at the concession stand (there’s usually some good chili) at noon. I hope to see you then.

By the way, the above vintage photo is not the Boston Poultry Expo. It has no identifying writing on it. Alas, these days the judges don’t wear bowlers


  1. Sounds like FUN! I wish they had something like that where I live. I would love to talk to friendly people about poultry and have some chili :-D

  2. I’ve never been to a poultry show before and am planning on going to the Northeast Poultry Congress Show in West Springfield this January. I didn’t know about the show in Oxford but I’d love to go. Maybe I can get my husband to take me. I know that he’ll probably say that Saturday we should be cleaning up the leaves and branches that came down when Sandy came through. But we could always do that on Sunday instead. And Oxford is only an hour drive from here. And besides tomorrow is my birthday so taking me to the show could be my birthday present!. Hmm….something to think about.

      • Thank you Terry. My husband and I are planning to go to the show tomorrow, can’t wait.

  3. I need to get a calander of when these events are happening, so I can prepare in advance. My partner needs like a months notice. hahaha

  4. I am going saturday, im very excited, been to lpts of dog and cat shows, but never to a poultry expo. Told my friend “do not let me buy anything” lol. Ill be looking for you.

  5. I looked for you saturday, no luck. I had a great time. Fell in love with some of the bantams, especially the ducks. Too cute. The funniest was the noise inside the barn, such squawking and from the far corner an occasional gobble. I did not buy this time! I still have a lot to learn before adding more, but definitly will add when time is right. Have to get through my first winter with the girls first. Did you find any geese?

    • I actually went up to a couple of people and asked, “are you Judy?” Luckily, there were no Pilgrim geese, which is the breed I’d get IF I were to get them.

  6. I am going to come to the carlisle fair unless we get a bli!zzard.

    • Look forward to seeing you. Oh, I hope there won’t be a blizzard! Maybe this week’s nor-easter will be it until after the New Year. Keeping my fingers crossed.