Tuppercraft Rooster

It’s a dreary, rainy, back-to-school day, so I thought that I should post a bit of turquoise and pink mid-century baby charm.

This dapper rooster (just look at that bow tie!) held diaper pins.

I read that the rooster’s tail was a way to unlatch the pins one-handed, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Does anyone know?

News flash – I’ve figured it out! Push the pink clasp into the gap in the rooster’s tail, which holds it securely while you twist it open. Brilliant!

I do know how to squeeze the beak in order to release the pins from the gentleman’s neck.

This chicken was made by Tuppercraft. Any collectors out there who can tell me more about the company?

You can still find these vintage diaper pin holders for under $20. Don’t you need one?


  1. Love your website. It is my daily therapy.
    I am looking at the rooster and I wonder if you put the pin in the tail and then turn it sideways to squeeze the pin open. I am single with no children… so it is a very uniformed guess. I know velcro is the norm now.
    Thanks for your peaceful and enterntaining blogs.

  2. May-be you can unlatch the pins by pulling them through the two parts of the tail. That should remove the pink safety cap of the pins and then you can open the pin single handed, I guess…

  3. Tuppercraft is one of the categories in which the products were grouped in the first Tupperware catalogues.

  4. That is one very cool rooster! I vaguely remember when safety pins had those big plastic heads, and I remember adults being so careful when they “pinned” on a cloth diaper. The plastic heads on the pins would crack after a while. You have some nice ones there.

  5. I would say to.unlatch it.with the tailyou would hold the pin the the part the attaches to the pin on its.side. then bring the whole pine down into the tail then press in the moveable part with Your finger and press it to the side, if you can visualize that. It may not be to clear