Brimfield Chickens

I spent yesterday morning at the Brimfield Flea Market. Of course, I went looking for chickens. The main stretch of road has the sort of dealers that I usually skip because the bulk of their wares are reproductions, but the booths did have big and eye-catching items, like this four-foot tall metal rooster.

As you know, I don’t keep roosters. He didn’t come home with me.

These signs are widely available:

She’s a hen, but I don’t like her glare. She didn’t come home with me, either.

I rather liked this plastic lawn chicken. I could imagine her in a flock of pink plastic flamingos, but she stayed at Brimfield, too.

In all honesty, I didn’t find any chickens that held my interest. Other animals charmed me more.

I was stopped in my tracks by this cacophony of cows.

I have a friend who would have snapped up this deranged squirrel. He? She? is wearing an apron!

And it doesn’t get any sweeter than this threesome.

In the end, I didn’t bring any of these animals home, but I did get something for the chicken house. You’ll have to wait until next week when I put it up and show you.



  1. Okay… the cows, they’re caroling, and suddenly I want it to be the week before Christmas!
    And the squirrel: He’s NUTS!
    What fun.
    Thanks for bringing us shopping… I really needed to get out!

  2. I do love that squirrel! And I rather like that furious hen – she reminds me of Gladys when she’s in a temper, which is most of the time. I love a cow-creamer too… but they’re very bad pourers.

  3. There’s something odd about a small ceramic cow that sits on one’s table and vomits cream. What an invention! :-P

  4. Suzanne – ceramic cow that sits on one’s table and vomits cream. LOL!
    My grandma had one of those. I thought it was really neat when I was little. I never thought a thing of picking it up by its behind to pour milk into my cereal, but your definition puts a whole different spin on it!

  5. My daughter has always thought that the milk should come out of a Cow Creamer’s udder! At least that’s a little more accurate…

  6. That huge metal rooster looks like Bloggess’s giant rooster Beyonce. Their weren’t any more stuffed chickens were their ? If you ever see a Polish one, I love to buy it.

  7. I’m so glad you had fun at Brimfield. I think I vote for the cows, if we’re picking favorites. I agree that they appear to be caroling. Perhaps they could be yodeling? They’re super cute!