The Troubles Of Biddy

Poor Biddy. All she wants is to broodily sit on eggs, but instead, each day a little girl takes them away.

The story goes on to recount how that same little girl puts duck eggs in the nest, which Biddy hatches. Ducklings are not the dear chicks that Biddy had imagined. When the ducklings go swimming she exclaims, To stand this I cannot, and leave them I must! 

Sorry, Biddy, parenting is filled with those lessons!

The Troubles of Biddy, written by Isabel Byrum was publlished in 1917. Illustrations by Margaret Evans Price.




  1. The lessons of 1917 hold true today, parents learn that sometimes our little chicks are actually little ducks.But we love them anyway. Ofcourse my little chicks have grown into beautiful swans, but that is another story ; )

    • She was a very talented artist and founded Fisher Price toy company with her husband in order to produce toys based on her illustrations. Go back and look at some of the first Fisher Price toys and you’ll see her influence.

  2. Good evening Terry. How surprised I was to see this post. Today my husband spent time in an antique store while I attended a training session. I was thrilled when he presented me with a print of a little girl holding a hen. On the back was written, 1917, Margaret Evan Price. Hope all is well with you. I finally got a job at the Center for Schools and Communities. Take care and thanks for this post.