Good Goats

Spencer Webb came over today to take a headshot of me (he’s the talented guy who took that shot of Steve and I.) He tried to get a nicely posed and composed photo of me sitting on the couch. Scooter jumped up, licked my nose, and then showed off his butt to the camera. He tried to take pics of me and the hens. They flapped. They pecked. They didn’t exactly stand still. Then I said, It won’t be any trouble at all, let’s get one of  me and the goats. Let’s just say that the goats did not perform like this.

illustration from "Nick, Nac, Nob, and Nibble" by Barbara Webster, 1930

As soon as Spencer recovers, he’ll send me the photos and I’ll share them with you.


  1. I was fortunate to have “tuned in” when you were attempting the photo shoot with the goats. From my perspective it was very humorous. Especially when one goat head-butted the other off the stump. My heart goes out to Spencer…as a fellow photographer I know what it’s like when your subject won’t cooperate.

    • Dan, do you have a link to your portfolio? The first time Spencer tried photographing the goats he discovered to never, ever set his equipment down :) I’m glad we supplied someone with a bit of amusement today. BTW, it’s always Pip butting Caper away.

      • I used to have an online portfolio. However since Apple changed to their iCloud my portfolio isn’t online. I’ll have to upgrade my Mac to get it back on. Oy!