I saw this box of signs at Brimfield,

and I knew exactly what I had to do.

You know how it is. Sometimes there’s a crowd waiting to get in, chatting away.

And sometimes there’s a polite line.

I have a sign in the Big Barn, too.

Now all I need is a Boys sign for the goat’s stall. I could have purchased one that said Gentlemen, but that wasn’t quite right.


  1. Yes, “gentlemen” doesn’t exactly fit Pip and Caper’s mad personalities and eating habits.

  2. I think Gentlemen would have been perfect, and much funnier than Boys. Go for it Terry!

  3. I have to say, I’m with you on this one Terry. I watch the goats daily, switch between goatcam and hencam to catch their cute little faces and antics. They are for sure, boys!

    • I hit enter before I finished. The ladies signs are perfect. Did the ladies “help” you install those signs?

  4. OMG that second picture can be on a notecard!!! It’s so perfect. They are all wonderful. I’ve been considering a sign or too on my new coop. …(final paint job was completed today, I stopped holding my breath long ago awaiting completion)…

    Hope this is not a dumb question, but what is the CD for?

    My coop has that same door as yours inside. Actually outside too. We replaced the screen on the outside doors with hardware cloth. Those doors go into the run. Since your inside door seems to go between the coop and the supply room, as mine does…and you probably have shavings in the coop…do you have a 2 x 4 on the floor behind that door to hold in the shavings? I am wondering how I will contain the bedding. Sorry for the questions!

    • Great questions, and I meant to mention that CD in the post. It sparkles in the sun and that deters sparrows from going into the coop, eating feed and spreading disease.
      As far as the 2X4, I have one in the goats’ stall – messy boys – but the pop door is high so I don’t need it near that, and I keep the area swept right in front of the screen door. It all depends on how big your space is and how many hens you have. Certainly a bar to hold in the shavings is useful, but I do trip over such things :)

      • Ah yes I had considered the tripping as well. Thanks for the answers. I did raise the pop door off the floor (it’s automatic but I can’t yet figure out how to set the timer) and I had heard about using CDs overhead say, in a garden where chickens might roam to deter hawks but did not think about nuisance feathered interlopers gaining access lower down.

        I just can’t shut up about your photos. Candy waiting in line behind a hen. Silly goats. Brings smiles and chuckles!

  5. Hey! I googled something about chickens and came across your blog…LOVE it!!! We’ve just set out on our first chicken adventure. So exciting! We got 12 and they’re doing well so far. We live in Colorado, so I hope we can keep them warm over the winter. Must go do some more research :)

    • Check my FAQs, I have one about winter care. Not to worry – if you keep them dry and draft free they can handle cold temps, even as cold as Colorado can throw at them.

  6. Ha! I had to laugh when I saw that sign above the pop door! You crack me up!

  7. Great sign & most appropriate. I like it & it looks good there. Candy joined the line too but for other reasons than her feathered friends. I agree with you on passing on the Gentlemen’s sign. Keep looking and you’ll find the right one for them. What is on Caper’s nose? Is that hay residue?

  8. Ha! You found one. I’m afraid my vintage bakelite one hasn’t enjoyed being outside in all weathers and the letters are disappearing….. I may have to lash out on a new one!

  9. Love the signs! I found a cast iron chicken door knocker and a chicken hook at a flea market, which I have nailed onto my coop. What is the CD disk hanging in the doorway for?