Bainbridge Farm Goods Giveaway!

(Update: this contest is closed. Patti Lincus won!)

My friend, Susan, at Bainbridge Farm Goods has very, very exciting news. Her sign company is a finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made People’s Choice Award. Her signs are filled with goats, chickens, and vegetables. They are bright, modern, and playful. They are made in America (actually, in her corner of America, Bainbridge Island.)

They look like this:

And this:

And this:

Don’t you just need one? (I already have a Fresh Eggs sign, but I think I need the goat sign, too!)

To celebrate her being chosen as a finalist (an honor in itself out out almost 2,000 entries) Susan is going to give one of you the sign of your choice! All you have to do is go here and then click over to her catalog. Pick a favorite sign (it will be hard; give yourself some time to look over all of the wonderful designs) and then come back here to my blog and let me know (in the comments on this page) which one you want if you win.

While you are at the Martha Stewart Website, take a moment and vote for Susan, please. I, for one, am voting, if only to let Martha know that her readers appreciate chickens, eggs and goats in her magazine!

The entries for the contest here on HenCam stay open through September 19, at 9 PM EST. One entry per person. (But the voting for Susan on the Martha site can be done daily through September 24. The magazine is giving away it’s own prizes, so if you like entering contests, go for it!) The winner of this HenCam Bainbridge Farm Goods Sign Giveaway will be determined by a random number generator.


  1. I love the BE THE BLACK SHEEP sign. It looks like Lily was inspiration for one of the signs? I’ll be voting every day.. Thank you for the opportunity Terry.

  2. My fave is “fresh eggs from happy chickens” – I was looking at these on etsy I think, trying to pick one to buy! Good luck to Susan!

  3. Susan is from our part of the nation; the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our favorite is : Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens. Thanks

  4. I’d love to win the “fresh eggs from happy chickens” sign. The colors and design are gorgeous,and coop could use a little sprucing up ! Thanks so much !!

  5. Us four lady’s are working together and are raising our first 8 chicks for laying eggs. It’s been a wonderful experience. Thanks for all the info on your site! Of course we love Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens sign because we do have happy chickens :)

  6. I luv the fresh eggs from happy chickens (S1218005), great colors!! Heading into winter I need all the color I can find to keep the ladies happy.

  7. I have to go with the “Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens” sign too. All her signs are adorable! Even if I don’t win a sign, I think I will be making a purchase at her Etsy store. Thanks for letting us know about your talented friend!

  8. They are wonderful signs so hard to pick a favorite. But I go with the Fresh Eggs (S1218009). I’ll check her out on Etsy. Thanks for sharing about her great signs. I did vote for her & will try to remember to vote again.

  9. Happy chickens is for me. Although some day I hope to have goats at play too. And, I voted today and will continue to do so.

  10. ‘Fresh eggs from Happy Chickens’, definitely. Love it! Actually, I love them all.

  11. You were right when you said it would be difficult to choose!! I love the “fresh eggs from happy chickens” in apple green. I also love the “fresh organic veggies” signs. How amazingly talented!!

  12. Fresh Organic Vegetables with the brown background. I voted & shared. Such lovely colours :)

  13. I love the Farm Fresh Blueberries sign. That would go well with my yellow Kitchen. I already own one of her signs at work, Heirloom and Cherry Tomatoes.

  14. You were right! Loved the Llama Drama sign but where to hang? Also loved the Hold Your Horse sign but the same problem applies since everyone is in a pasture! I think I will go with 5 MPH Chickens at Play! So cute!

  15. I love these signs! My favorite is the “be the black sheep” one! (But how can you pick! They’re all great!)
    I Voted!

  16. I have one of these and I LOVE it. I nailed it to the side of my coop and it feels like the artwork that completes the look of my coop. It’s what everyone comments on when they come to visit my girls. I suppose I should get a second sign now that I have a second coop out there. But if you don’t have one of these, you must get one. They are fairly light so you can hang them with wire or I just nailed mine to my coop. I love it!

  17. I’m greedy..:) I want them all!! But my favorite is: Yellow Fresh Eggs Sign

  18. I have coveted these signs for awhile now. My favorite is still, “fresh eggs from happy chicken” but her newer garden ones are adorable!

  19. My daughter and I love having goats, so I’d have to get the Goats at Play sign!

  20. Oh my goodness! I’m an artist at heart and I adore the simple but dynamic designs. I’d pick the “Home is Where Your Horse Is” for a wonderful friend of mine who rescues not only horses but assorted barnyard animals.

  21. I love the “Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens Coop Sign”! It’s popular for a good reason!

  22. So cute!! I love them all but, if forced to choose, then the purple fresh eggs from happy chickens. Thanks for showing these on your site. Btw, when is Betsy going to get out of her broodiness? She’s been in that nest forever!

    • I think that Betsy will be in there until it snows! And have you noticed that Beryl, a Buff O in the other flock has gone broody…. again. Sigh.

      • Is Beryl the one in the “Ladies” pictures that is looking frumpy and pale? If so then yes, sorry! My 3 are just under 6 months old so I haven’t had the “pleasure” of a broody hen yet. I hope Beryl doesn’t stay broody as long as Betsy seems to be planning on.

        • Nope, can answer my own question because that is Buffy in the “ladies” pictures.

            • Count your luck Terry, that has never been a documenated case of Parthenogenesis in virgin chickens, unlike in turkey’s. Otherwise one morning you might have walked into your hen house with little male and female clones of Betty and Beryl running around.

  23. Wow! I could use several of these signs because I have an organic garden, lots of varieties of berries, and chickens. Maybe I should get several and switch out which one I display according to the season…

    Anyway, if I could just pick one, I would get the purple “Farm Fresh Eggs” sign.

  24. They are all so precious. What a wonderful give-a-way! Hard to choose, but I will go with the Be the Black Sheep.
    I love them all and am considering some for gifts.

    • I would be happy with ANY of the chicken signs, but I pick Be the Black Sheep as my absolute favorite!

  25. Fresh eggs from happy chickens is my favorite. Those are the cutest little chickens!

  26. I love the ” fresh eggs from happy chickens” sign…

    Very hard to pick from such a great array of them.

  27. My favorite is the “Fresh Eggs For Sale” that you have at the beginning of the post! So fun that they are made in my neck of the woods too!!

  28. My oh my when I see art like this I wish I had that talent. Maybe they are modern, but I do see an old-fashioned quality to the art. The goats sign could be art in a children’s book. The vegetables look like an artsy sign I might see in a modern supermarket produce section. The eggs look 1950’s to me for some reason or other. All so beautiful! I’ll go vote!

  29. You’re right-it is hard to choose just one! But I guess I’d have to say that the Farm Fresh Blueberries sign is my fave.

  30. I would love the red Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens one, but all of them are so cute! It is so hard to pick! Her signs are adorable! I just love them so much! Thank you!

  31. Another vote for “fresh eggs from happy chickens!” My chickens make me happy, and I think they’re happy, too!

  32. Wow- those were new to me, so beautiful! We have chickens, goats, sheep, horses and bees (not to mention a garden!) so I could not make up my mind! I’d go with Be the Black Sheep because a good portion of my fiber flock is black. If I don’t win (and probably even if I do!) I will be making some purchases from her!

  33. All of the signs are wonderful – it is hard to choose a favorite. But, since I have to choose one – I really love the “Be the Black Sheep” sign – it made me smile the most.

  34. “Fresh eggs from happy chickens ” in yellow would look great with all of my chicken memorabilia that fills my kitchen

  35. I would love to have Goats at Play. We’ll be getting 2 boy Nigerian Dwarfs this spring from a local dairy.

  36. I love the Farm Fresh Blueberries sign, but since all the blueberries we have are wild, I think the U-Pick Blueberries would be more accurate! Thanks.

  37. Oh, I just love these. I’ve been admiring them for so long, but just can’t spend the $ on them. My favorite is the cream background that says Fresh eggs from happy chickens. S1218048 (12″ x 18″)

  38. These signs really are excellent. I just voted on MS. Tough call to pick just one. But I’d go with the yellow “fresh eggs from happy chickens” (with the large brown chicken and small white one).

  39. Voted!
    I think I’d choose “Sugar Sweet Strawberries”. We’re opening a frozen yogurt shop, and one of the greatest parts of the business model is the fresh fruit toppings. I know that sign would look great somewhere in the store, and I’d certainly include an artist’s card directing customers to her website. Fantastic signs!

  40. I love the green Sweet Strawberries sign. They are all very pretty, though I do wish she had a rescue cat sign to with the rescue dog sign.

  41. It WAS so hard to pick, but I just love the “Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens” sign. I have a small flock and they are so fun, friendly and happy! I think happy chickens do make fresher & better tasting eggs :-)

  42. I LOVE the signs. I was sure to vote for her, I hope everyone does!! My favorite amoung favorites is the Pastel Blue Fresh Eggs Sign 12″ x 18″ S1218011.
    Good luck everyone!!!

  43. My favorite sign is S1812016—Les Poules. I love the many colorful chickens—it’s cute, adorable and very pretty. Honestly they all are precious—it was hard to narrow it down to one.

  44. HAPPY HOME OF A RESCUE DOG is my favorite. I have six recues all are so precoius and spoiled, just ask my husband. This sign would hang proudly on my front door. Her signs are so cute, love all of them.