Rooster Tea Kettle

After all of the talk about coffee on my blog this week, I thought I’d show off a tea kettle.

He looks angry, doesn’t he? No cheerful “rise and shine” from this fellow. His shrill whistle will get you going in the morning.

I’ve yet to  boil water in him. My excuse is that I’m worried that my gas range will melt his tail. But in all honesty I can’t face this rooster’s attitude.


  1. Aaaa! Either the gas range will melt his tail or you’ll absorb enough aluminum to melt your brain. Best leave this fella on the display shelf, in a place o’ honor!

  2. Great vintage tea kettle. I don’t think I’ve even seen one like this.

  3. Why not keep him at-the-ready to tote out to the run when the girls get out-of-hand! His drill sargeant attitude will get ’em in line .. .. ..

  4. I guess I haven’t had chickens long enough – I see a hen! Oh wait, it’s the tail curling downward that roosters have, right? (I only have 5 hens.) And, not angry, just talking like they tend to do. What a treasure. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. I rather like it. I think you should heat it up and enjoy a cup of tea. I’d be glad to take it off your hands. Just tell me where to send the check :-)

  6. I have never seen anything like that kettle. It is awesome. I wouldn’t want to risk damaging it either. You have such an extensive collection of chicken items. Keep sharing. I love to see what you have.

    • In all of my years of collecting, I’ve never seen another or anything else close to this kettle. Glad you liked seeing it!

  7. Hi Terry, here’s one similar (don’t know how to make the link “blue up”)

    I should like to own it but it is in the US and I think shipping it to me (UK) will cost more than the kettle! Also, I am spoilt with an electric one: I am bound to forget and be up the garden or in the shower when the whistling starts!