Why Did The Chicken…?

Chickens will cross the road. They’ll also cross your yard, your driveway, and your neighbor’s lawn. Why? To get to the blueberry bushes. To see what’s under the leaves in the woods. To investigate the sparkly thing in the overgrown weeds in the gravel. Chickens are active and curious animals. Don’t expect them to stay on your property just because you think it’s a fine place for them.

Some hens cross the road simply because they like to wander. I have a very large backyard, with plenty for the girls to do, and yet once in awhile Buffy decided to walk down the driveway. She wasn’t looking for tasty things to eat. She wasn’t looking for a place to hide her eggs. Buffy walked down the middle of the driveway with the leisurely insouciance of a lady taking a stroll.

Unlike Buffy, the hen in this card looks to be going somewhere. Perhaps she was on the way back to the coop to lay her egg, but got distracted (so easy when you’re a chicken!)

Buffy no longer lays, and she no longer goes for long ambles down the driveway. I’ve installed a fence to keep her and the girls in the backyard. You can never be sure of why a hen decides to cross a road, but it’s usually a bad idea. I’m keeping the chickens close to home.


  1. Looks like she got the egg scared outta her! By the way Terry, about the Lutheran coffee. You previously asked if I had tried it. I’m not Lutheran, actually I don’t belong to any organized religion, but my sister is. She was away at Lutheran camp so I asked her about the coffee when she returned. She laughed and yes, there are the ‘church ladies’ who still prepare the coffee that way. It’s a secret that gets handed down at their church, She is waiting for the day when she gets to learn the ‘secret.’ Although she could look it up on line, etc, this is something the church women look forward to.

  2. When we had our older hens, I had an instance that looked just like this but insert a RI Red scurrying through the yard in a hurry to make it back to the nest box in the coop. I had no idea what all the fuss was about (there was a lot of chatter in the process) until I saw her jump into the box. :)
    I am picturing Buffy on her leisurely stroll down the driveway. I heart Buffy.