Tablecloth Chickens

Are there any images of chickens more charming than those found on mid-century tablecloths? I think not.

Just look at the crazy patterns and colors. Who can resist an avocado green hen? Not me.

Or a lemon yellow chicken squawking about her egg?

I’ve seen this exact same expression on some of my hens!

So much personality!

And drama!

There’s a lot of chicken love on these tablecloths.

As I said, they’re as charming as can be, but even better with goats.



  1. I love these!! Just bought a table cloth with chickens on it at a barn sale…I need to take some pictures to share :)

  2. These are wonderful! The top one is obviously broody with that crazed glare. Too funny.

  3. Both the hen and goat cloths are great. I don’t have anything like that. I have dated cloths and other linens but nothing like this.

  4. OmGosh! My Granny had the one with the lady holding the chicken when I was a little girl. Whew! Great memories as she’s the one that had chickens and where my love of chickens came from!