Soap Giveaway!

I think that Pip and Caper are cute. In fact, I think that they are unbearably charming and handsome boys. But, in the world of miniature dairy goats, they’re average. Can you believe it? I know this because there are a blogs out there that post photos of their off-the-charts adorable goats. Minter Bay breeds goats that are black and white and have blue eyes. True. Just take a look at Cora Belle. Then there are Cudzoo Farm’s mini-Alpine dairy goats. Check the farm’s goats for sale page, where there are no goats currently available, but there are photos of some of the cutest babies ever. It’s a good thing that there are not any for sale. I want one. Or two. What Sarah at Cudzoo Farm does have for sale are soaps, made from fresh milk from those very same beautiful goats in the photos on her web site. She very nicely sent me a bar of Dirty Pig Soap for my own personal use. Sarah says there was no hidden message in that selection. She also sent me three bars to giveaway to one very lucky winner.

Her soaps are as pretty as her does! (Even the pig soap is attractive, but you don’t get to see that because I’ve already used it.) To enter, simply take a look at her soaps here, and then tell me (in the comments below) which soap is your favorite. It’s an interesting selection. I’m intrigued by the soap with jewelweed to soothe poison ivy. Luckily so far this summer I’ve avoided getting a rash. But I haven’t avoided working in the garden in the heat and humidity. Dirty Pig soap is exactly what I needed!

Contest fine print: If you are a FaceBook reader, you must enter here, on my web site to win. Please don’t leave your entry in the FB comments section. But feel free to spread the word on FaceBook! One entry per person, and my international readers are welcome to enter. The contest will close on Monday, July 23 at 7 am. The winner will be selected using a random number generator.

UPDATE: the contest is closed and the winner is Cady!


  1. The Dragon Tamer soap is what most interests me. Cute goats :)

  2. Actually, I like them all. It’s between The Doe’s Rose and The Hearty Hair Do. Okay the Doe’s Rose.

  3. it is such a hard decision to make – I love all three! but, since I start each day watching the hens & goats (my little guilty pleasure), I’ll have to say … the goat is just the cutest of the three … thanks for hosting this soap giveaway!

  4. They are all so pretty! I think the Cat Scratch soap looks like it would smell amazing and it is so cute! But the Doe’s Rose seems like it would smell amazing as well. Thank you!

  5. I like them all! I’ve been looking at different sites to purchase goat milk soap for months!

  6. I like the goat best. I had a Nubian named Riviera who used to give me that same look at milking time if I didn’t warm my hands before milking her.

  7. I like the cat soap. I think this would be a perfect guest soap nestled in a cute little basket near the sink. Of course soap is meant to be used but It would be so hard to use such a pretty soap. A collection of soaps in different colors and scents would be a really lovely present. I know this is something I would love to get as a gift.

  8. I love them ALL! I also love lavender & goats so I would have to pick Does Rose. MMmmmmm Can smell it :D Just don’t tell the cats. Thanks you for such a FUN giveaway!!

  9. I love the goat soap! I get online every day to look at your goats! My dream is to someday have some little goats of my own, they bring out the country in me!

  10. Very nice! I’d like to try them all, but my fav is the kitty! Thank you!

  11. The Hearty Hair Do – Goat Milk Shampoo and Shower Bar looks interesting.

  12. Oh. Em. Gee. All the soaps are fantastic! But being a cat lover, my favorite is the cat.

    ^ ^
    > ” <

  13. After making a loaf of your no-knead bread, I need the cat soap to clean up!! :) I think I need to use a smidge less water next time.

  14. I want them all! Probably the Udderly Local would be my pick. I use a honey goatsmilk soap from my local dairy because I have sensitive skin.

  15. The Cat Scratch sounds like a very refreshing soap because it has pepermint!

  16. These soaps are lovely! I checked out the Cudzoo website… the Dirty Pig Soap is my favorite!

  17. I would love to win this soap! We have been using only homemade soap for the past three years. My favorite above would have to be the goat soap, love the eyes and long ears! Fingers and toes crossed!

  18. Ooooh! I LOVE goat milk soap- thank you for a new source! I would love to try the Cat Scratch bar, the Udderly Simple and the Dirty Pig! What fun!

  19. The speckled cat is such a treasure. I don’t know how I could bring myself to use it and I might just have to put it away when guests come so they don’t use it, but if my guests are lucky I just might show this kitty to them !
    Love, love, love them all, but the kitty is my fav.

  20. My grand daughter Lucy just received her first cat and when she saw the kitten soap she loved it. I bet she would be the happiest if she could have one.

  21. Oh I love the Cat Scratch one, who doesn’t love soap with an attitude ?

  22. All of the soaps look wonderful. But I have to say my favorite is the Cat Scratch soap. I have 3 wonderful cats at home and they curl up just like the kitty made from soap. I love your blog and can’t wait to what’s “new on the farm” with my morning coffee. Fingers crossed one day I’ll have chickens of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  23. The Doe’s Rose soap must smell heavenly! But, I would like to try any of them!!!!!

  24. I think The Udderly Local would be great for my first-ever bar of goat milk soap. I’m partial to cats, because I own two, but I just have to love that soap named Dirty Pig!

  25. My favorite of the intriguing soaps is the cat…just because it is so unusual
    and looks so restful.

  26. I like the dragonfly soap because dragonflies are something like 300 million years old and are still doing their metamorphosis thing. It gives one hope: to live long and keep changing.

  27. What fascinating little pieces of art each one of these soaps are. Each different and special. I would have to choose the cat soap and give it to my sister. She would love It’s peacefulness and beauty.

  28. I’m in for the Doe’s Rose…however you have a dragonfly pictured but I do not see it on her web site…I love dragonflies!

  29. I check in on your goats and hens daily here at my job at the police station. Its the cat soap for me!

  30. I have to go with the rose and lavendar goat milk soap. I recently tried some goat milk soap and lotion from a festival vendor and fell in love with it. In a lavendar kind of mood right now.