Ivory Soap for Chickens

At the turn of the last century poultry shows were prestigious affairs. It was where farmers learned about new breeds, and it was where  “the fancy” strutted their stuff. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of birds were put on display. Even Madison Square Garden hosted shows.

The show in Springfield, MA stretched on for four days!

Along with the ribbons and trophies (of which I have a collection – this one is in my kitchen)

exhibitors won prizes, everything from subscriptions to poultry magazines to chicken tonics. If you were successful, you could recoup your expenses and even turn a profit. At the Springfield show, the best of all of the awards was offered by Ivory Soap.

In today’s dollars, that is about $450.

I wonder if this promotion was successful and if there was a jump in sales amongst the poultry set. It sure makes me want to go out and buy a box. (Does anyone else remember making snowmen out of the flakes?)

Betsy could use a bath.

But without that $450 incentive, I think I’ll leave her be.




  1. Oh yes! I remember my mum using Lux Flakes for those special hand wash items. I loved playing with the bubbles as a little girl.
    I used them only a year or so ago with a class of 4 to 6 yr olds. We made snowmen and snowballs… Such fun!
    Just be careful not to pour the leftovers down the sink, or you’ll be dealing with blocked drains!!
    Love seeing the old bits and bobs you have collected. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure…!

  2. …and a certain champion chicken breeder we both know uses Glo-White net curtain bleach on her white birds to great effect. I had to bite my lip as she imparted this information…

  3. I remember my mom using Ivory soap but in another form. She used to use a powdered soap with a baby on it. I think it was Dreft. Betsy would enjoy a bath and she would smell so good too.

  4. I remember using Ivory Snow to wash my children’s clothes and diapers when they were infants. I use to use Ivory Liquid as bubble bath many years ago.

  5. Betsy looks particularly beautiful in that picture. Her tail feathers are magnificent!