Chickens and Children

Children have a natural affinity for chickens. When my boys were small they used to scoop up their favorite hens and go down the slide with them. Everyone seemed to enjoy it! Busy, chatty, cheerful hens are fun to watch and feed. They’re not too big to pick up, but substantial enough to have presence.

I don’t know what game the photographer interrupted to take this snapshot, but everyone, even the hen, looks like they were having a good time.

Obviously these children love their chickens. Just look at the chicks on the littlest’s dress!


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for this wonderful website; I work in a Cambridge office, in a windowless basement, and I need to see land and that which thrives on it!! Although I don’t have room for farm animals at my Winthrop home, I have had a sizable garden. Back a couple generations, on my dad’s side, farming is in my blood, however — those ancestors in the Appenines had their livestock share the house with them. It’s all so primal, elemental, and good for the soul — to say nothing of the benefits of fresh eggs and goat cheese!! Keep up this good work!!!
    — Marian

  2. I love this picture! My nieces, who live out of state, and are ages 5 & 7, LOVE my chickens and taking care of them and getting eggs are their favorite things to do when they come visit. When their 17 year old brother came to visit a couple of weeks ago, they sent him with chicken care instructions. ha! ha!

  3. My four year old loves our chickens and they love her. Some times too much. She loves to give them snacks but when she is out they follow her relentlessly. I can’t wait for her to be able to pick up her first egg. Should be very soon.

    • Sweet. If the hens get too bossy and a little scary for her, have her toss the treats away from her so the chickens learn not to crowd her and that pecking won’t get them anything. Have you gotten your daughter an egg collecting basket yet?