Finally! An Outing

It was a blustery and chilly day on Saturday, but the sun was out. Before beginning my barn chores, I opened up the doors to the chicken pens.

Hens don’t form a queue. It was a bit of a jumble at the gate, but they soon spread out.



The Girls from the Little Barn came down to the Big Barn. They don’t often come this way – the flocks don’t mingle by their own choice – but the ground that they usually forage on is still covered with snow.

little barn girls


The Gems took no mind of the interlopers. They’d already made their way to the beech trees and the perennial bed.



There was plenty of room for all.

wide view


It was a day to strut.



  1. They must have thought it was manner from heaven. Lovely to see them all together and especially nice to see the Gems who we can’t see when in their run. Opal is looking so well again after her spa bath, really enjoying herself. I saw you cleaning the Barns and some of the hens running around on the webcam so thought you had let them out. Did the Boys get an outing or is the paddock still snowy ? :)

  2. Oh, how wonderful to see dry grass and leaves! We still have over 2 feet of snow everywhere in our yard (Maine). Your girls look so happy. Good for them! My flock anxiously waits for that here. In the meantime, plenty of dust bathing in their swimming pool in their pen will have to do. :) Have a great day!

  3. Hooray for snow melting! I bet you’re all thrilled to watch it go. I wish you rain free weather to minimize the mud factor. (My new puppy has had a crash course in feet wiping…)

    Formerly of Keene, NH, and not missing it at all sister. 20+ years in NC and now TN is OK by me!
    Be well, thanks for sharing.

    • I’ve written about that here. It’s only the first year that you might have to clip wings – after that the hens get too heavy to fly much. Even Misty stays mostly on the ground these days.

  5. While the chickens are so glad to see the snow retreating, I am sure Phoebe is mourning the loss of the joys of snow….but there is always next year!

  6. How cute they all are :) I love watching the chickens getting out for the first time in the spring. Thanks for posting.

  7. So glad they got out. I watched Beatrix chomping casually on the other ladies feathers the other day!

  8. How are the hens at the retirement home doing with all the snow? So glad to see the girls out and about!!