The Giving Tree

First it grew in a field. Birds rested on it. Then it sparkled in a living room, and Santa placed gifts under the branches. Then it gave the goats something to nibble at this long, dreary, snowy winter.

goats and tree


Months passed. The goats ate the needles. The goats ate the bark. The Goat Maid use the branches as a hay manger. It slowed down the speed of the goaties’ munchings, but they were still able to find every strand of hay. They complained that it was often empty.

looking up


Shedding season arrived. The tree kept on giving.

Pip and tree


It’s the perfect goat scratching post!

scratching post


  1. How cute….there is a new book idea! I noticed you didn’t cut the boys’ beards this winter.

  2. Pip’s face is a picture just like ‘ Oliver Twist ‘ asking for more !! Wonderful comments and pic’s as usual, great bit of recycling :)
    As it is thawing at last do you think you have a chance with your cool crops now, what about under protection ?

  3. I recognize the pitch lipstick. And yes I agree, a very cute idea for a book that I’m sure has never been done before:)

  4. I agree with Marie, write a book about two cute goats….My grandbabies would love another book written by you! We still read Tilly Lays An Egg……quite often, in fact, it’s my favorite book to read to them, just the right amount of words and wonderful pictures….we visit your hencam together too…keep up the creativity, and many thanks for an enjoyable website

  5. Mother Nature is amazing. And the wood under the bark looks beautiful.

  6. I love watching the brothers give each other a hard time. They just act like little kids all the time.

  7. I like the idea of using the tree as a hay manger. That’s very ingenious Terry! P.S. Our Miss Beryl has gone broody! I bet your not surprised, but we still love her.

  8. It’s so good when every last bit of something gets used. I have never seen a Christmas tree stripped of its bark before, it’s quite beautiful. Those boys are just so cute.

    I have learned not to take things out of the chicken run too soon as there is often more entertainment to be got from something. I gave the girls a sprout stalk from a friends allotment recently and first the head and the sprouts went but days later the girls were still pecking at it. They got it down to a completely smooth stem and then still pecked at the stem for a while longer.