Snow is coming down and the roads are already slick. Phoebe is the only one delighted with the recent change from a mild winter to one with severe weather. Here is a screen shot of her, delighting in the season.

hencam1 (1)


Due to snow, the Gardening for Chicken Keepers talk for the Fitchburg Garden Club has been rescheduled for Friday, January 16 at 10 am. Hopefully the roads will be clear that day! Here’s a sample of one of the slides that I’ll be showing – the Girls making used of garden disasters. (Are you in a garden club? Let’s schedule my talk for your group!)

garden cleanup


The Poultry Congress is happening on January 17. I won’t be able to make it this year, but it’s an event that is worth putting on your calendar. To see what that extravaganza is all about, read this post, and this one (in which I hold a dinosaur.)

Thinking about spring chicks? I’ll be talking about Chicks and Brooders at the Chelmsford, MA Agway on February 7 at 11 am. The talk is free.

orpington chick


In March, I’ll be doing a program for Dover Sherborn Community Education and on April 2 I’ll be at Drumlin Farm, in Lincoln, MA.

Keep an eye on my events page for more upcoming programs.


  1. I checked in earlier this morning and the yard was deserted except for the pumpkin and some other melon which was off-white, beige maybe…whole (not split open like the pumpkin) and I couldn’t identify what kind it was. I thought it was a honeydew, but if so, it was way out of season and the largest one I’d ever seen. I leaned in closer to the monitor to see a little more clearer and saw the melon had ears..then it moved! It was Phoebe with her rear to the cam.

  2. off subjec, someone on craigs list is advertising chickens for rent, apparantly they set up a coop with two laying hens for people to try, thought it was an interesting idea

  3. What a great snow you enjoyed. Enough to be beautiful without being a problem. I loved letting my class watch it this morning. Glad it is warmer that yesterday morning.

  4. My pre k kids have had so much fun enjoying your snow! We almost never have any here in New Orleans! Of course they love the hens, goats and rabbit too. Your cams can call them to the carpet quieter than anything I’ve ever tried before.
    Debby Matassa

    • I love hearing about my cams in the classroom! Numerous schools use them as a calming tool. BTW, my husband grew up in New Orleans until about fourth grade. Love your city!

  5. Oh, Ms. Terry! The snow has made my class so extra happy on a Friday! We actually stopped our math lesson in the morning and watched the hencam all morning…then we journaled about what we saw and how the animals would stay warm in the snow and cold. The falling snow was a great way to end our Floridian Friday in school. They wanted me to write you yesterday and ‘thank’ you for the snow..which was so sweet. I had a wonderful teaching moment as we discussed the heavy hair on the goats, the fluffy feathered chickens, and what happens to the fish in your pond when it gets cold–great spontaneous science lesson! We have waited a long time to see falling snow on your little farm—by the way, they did not go outside for break time today–it was too cold for them–should I mention we had temperatures of 57 degrees…I assume it’s all in perspectives…
    Anyway, I wanted you to know what a lovely time our kids had watching the snow and the animals..thank you for sharing your life with ours!

    • I was thinking about you and your students when the snow was coming down. Here’s a bit of science for them – because the top layer of the pond froze, lifting and removing water from the pond, we’ll be adding water today so so that fish have enough to “sleep” in this winter. You might want to do some experiments with ice :)