I Hold A Dinosaur

A poultry show as large as the Northeastern Poultry Congress always contains surprises. I’ve gone for years, and yet each visit yields at least one stop-me-in-my tracks, oh my gosh, what is that? moment.


I’m sure that most of you have read about the recent research that points to feathered dinosaurs. In fact, this article says that certain dinosaurs had feathers colored like a Speckled Hamburg!


Some modern day chickens look more dinosaur-like than others. This Red Pyle Modern Game cockerel has an ancient look about him. But, he still looks mostly chicken.

Red Pyle

But, this guy looks all dinosaur to me.


This young cockerel (hatched in May) is a Malay, which is a very old breed that originated in Southeast Asia. Mature, a Malay rooster stands 3 feet tall.

He looks like a fellow not to mess around with.


But, luckily, I met his breeder, Vlad, who handles and trains his show birds, and says that although his Malays will chase cats off of the property, that they are sweeties with people. I was walking around the show with a group of folks who read my blog, and Vlad let everyone pet this phenomenal bird.


And then I got to hold him.

I held a dinosaur.

in arms


  1. The malay was really awesome. Had a great time at the expo. Love my book . Thanks for everything terry

  2. Im glad the show was a good time, I think this breed was featured in Hobby Farms in the most current issue, it looks magnificent….

  3. You don’t get an appreciation for his size until you look at the picture of you holding him and his feet. Did you do any bird whispering with him or did he talk to you? What a beautiful bird. Would love to experience this type of showing just once.

  4. Wow! What an awesome opportunity! I think Malays and Aseels (which look a bit similar) are such beautiful birds – I was excited to see your pictures this morning. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You need one. Definitely, want to watch that guy on the hen-cam. We could all chip in…All those birds were beautiful.

  6. Ever since I read about the scientist who wants to “create” a dino-chicken, I have thought it might be a good idea for chasing away predators:-) I joke about it but there you have a real one that didn’t have to be created.

  7. I LOVE the dinosaur connection! Ever since I held my very first three-day-old peep from the feed store, I have been struck by the dinosaurian look of chickens. But this guy takes the cake. It kind of gives me chills — to be able to really SEE the similarity. The long neck is what does it for me. Probably its my lifetime visual memory of all those smooth-skinned dinos as portrayed by artists in National Geographic & the Time-Life books that has had to be overcome. The feather thing has finally made it click for me. Thanks for this very cool post and photos!

    ps I’ve done some reading on some of the bigger mass extinction events (in earth’s geologic history), and have a new appreciation for the hollow feathered nature of birds as an adaptation for low oxygen atmosphere as well as flying.

  8. What an odd and beautiful bird. As others have commented, those FEET. I can relate with my size 11’s. I often think how my chickens resemble dinosaurs, as if we really can know just how a dinosaur looked. We can guess, but those renditions perhaps are based on how chickens look!

  9. Velocichicken! For sure. What a beautiful fellow!!!! You look positively smitten……

  10. Sorry everyone, but I think he is ugly. None of them can hold a candle to Agatha!

  11. WOW…you learn something new every day. I had no idea….I agree, you look very smitten :)

  12. I think if I saw that dude running at me I’d turn and run away…. Beautiful bird… Thanks for sharing!

  13. A big and beautiful young cockerel. Does he have to keep all the cockerels seperate from each other, even if they grow up together. Because I have heard you have do that some game birds. And he does have some big feet !!! I hope he was a prize winner, and will be around for a while to come. He is just beautiful.

  14. I’m reminded of one of my favorite lines from Napoleon Dynamite:

    “Do the chickens have large talons?” :-D

  15. Such a beautiful bird!! I’m happy to see that his feet are safely secured.

  16. Wow, what a huge bird! Holy cow, the neck and legs are so long! Those claws wouldn’t be anything to mes with :O

  17. Wow, look @ the size of his feet! They’re the same size as your hands!