My Work

I’ve no time to write a blog post today. This morning I’m off to teach four classrooms of second graders all about chickens, egg laying, feathers and the science of bird poop. What great topics! I’ll be bringing a hen, of course. I can’t wait to show the kids where the egg comes out. They all know that hens lay eggs, but they’ve never actually visualized that very last step!

I love my work.



For more about my programs for children, go to my School/Libraries page. By the way, the science of chicken poop is not just for kids, and I’ll be talking about it in the Chicken Keeping Workshop scheduled one for May 31. You can sign up here.


  1. When I was young my grandmother told me eggs came out from under the hens wing. I believed that for some time.

  2. The biggest myth about chickens here is: When I was young, a bantam RIR kept coming to the house. We lived in an isolated place in the mountains. She would lay eggs and I waited for them to hatch. They never did. I told my grandmother about the hen and the eggs. I said I didn’t believe there was a rooster to have the chicks. My grandmother told me there was one around somewhere or the hen couldn’t lay the eggs. I told her I never had seen the rooster and she said “Oh he’s around somewhere.” We never did get chicks. The hen stayed about a year and a half and disappeared as quickly as she appeared. My grandmother and her family lived off of a garden each year and livestock killed, so she knew a thing or two about farming. 40 years later I decided I want chickens and their eggs. Again the problem with hens laying eggs without roosters. All around me, including me, believed you had to have a rooster for the hens to lay eggs. Hencam taught me different. So I got my hens and sure enough, you don’t have to have a rooster to get eggs from your hens. Thanks hencam for busting that myth for many people in this area. There were several people I’m associated with that had to get chickens to see it for themselves.

    • Yep, I can’t tell you how many city folk ask me if my neighbors complain about the rooster crowing. I reply that would be hard to do when you don’t have rooster. The answer back is usually then how do your hens lay eggs.
      I then direct them to google and tell them look up battery hens. :-), quick way to get a lot of them to buy from local farmers.

      • Yep, that rooster myth is everywhere. And it is one of the reasons towns don’t want to allow chickens in backyards.

        Keep busting that rooster myth, Terry!

        • Lol, you guys are great! Love reading your posts, too.

  3. Which one of the lucky Ladies got to visit the second graders today?

      • What a great treat for the children to see all of Beatrixs’ beautiful feathers. It doesn’t surprise me that she is a pleasant personality too.