Easter Bunny in Training?

The pullets are too young to lay, and yet there is an egg in the nesting box. Could it be that I have an Easter Bunny in training?

easter bunny


No, there’s magic of another sort in the Little Barn. Twinkydink is laying eggs!

She’s eight years old, and has let everyone know that is is quite an effort to make eggs at her age. After she lays, she eats, and woe to any pullet who comes into the coop for a snack, as she will be roundly run off.



But not the bunny. Phoebe is allowed to stay in the coop. She and Twinkydink have come to an agreement. I’ve watched the negotiations from afar, but haven’t been privy to the conversation. Diplomacy is best done in private.


  1. I saw Twinkydink in the nesting box and thought it was cool she was laying an egg… I have a neighbor with a 7 year old Barnavelder and he said she lays once every 4 to 6 months…. Mean while I opened the top the nesting box in the new chicks house (they are 17 weeks) and one of my leghorns was practicing laying an egg.

  2. You just never know what will happen next at Little Pond Farm!

  3. Hi Terry, my chicks will be 6 weeks this Thursday and their coop is almost built, once it is done, should I let the chicks see it and explore it before they stay in there? How will they be used to no lights a night?

    • Have you been following the raising of my young hens here? You’ll see that I do let the chicks explore the coop, while still having access to their secure and warm brooder. (If you’re new here, go back through the archives and see what I’ve done over the last 3 months.) Your birds will be grateful to no longer have the light on when they no longer need the brooder lamp. It’s important for their health to have dark sleep time, so don’t worry about that!

  4. Unrelated question for you. I have done web search but all I can fins is about Broody. I have a welsummer very small lightweight girl. I brought her in yesterday to tend to her bumblefoot.. When I turned her to vet wrap I noticed her belly is bare . Her breast and everywhere else ok. Checked for parasites. Nothing. Eating drinking fine. Was Broody about 6 weeks ago but doesn’t seem to be now. She is laying. I can tell as her eggs are darker thn all my other gals. Any ideas what this might be. It’s just bare skin there. No quills, no redness. Appreciate your thoughts….