Names & Bios Up!

Now that Mr. Grumpy and his girl have gone to their new home, and the five friendliest and most easy-going hens are at the nursing home, it’s become clear that my remaining six pullets are an active and rowdy bunch. Talk to an experienced grade school teacher, and she’ll tell you that every few years a group of kids comes along and the classroom takes on an energized personality. My son was in such a class once. It was filled with competitive sports kids and hyper-focused learners. The teacher, who was a nice laid-back man and folksinger during the summers, tried to teach the fourth graders how to self-calm through meditation, but to no avail. I feel that way about my six new pullets. They all have great personalities, which somehow, all together, become amplified.


I’ve named them and identified each breed on the who’s who page. It will be interesting to see how the social structure settles out. So far, Edwina, the grande dame of the coop, is maintaining her top hen status. Despite age and arthritis, I’m sure that will not change, as her attitude is as domineering as ever. It’s all in the mind.


  1. Yeaaa! I’ve actually seen Edwina put the young whippersnappers in their place. So funny. She ran one off the spaghetti squash, yesterday. No pecking, just a sudden appearance by her at the squash. The youngster ran like her life depended on it.

  2. The names and descriptions are wonderful! I’ll miss the others who left, but I look forward to getting to know the new girls as they grow up.
    As an aside, as many of the names are book-related, I want to say that it’s been extra fun watching the blog lately and sharing the mutual love and memories of favorite chickens and favorite childhood books with such a nice group of chicken and book people–as saccharin as it may sound.

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! Enjoy the girls, Terry. Owly is cute but I think my new favorite is Beatrix.

  4. Love the names and Love Beatrix Potter books. Many of my baby quilts honor her rabbits. Maybe you should have saved that name for the bunny! She will certainly become one of my favorites as will Owly. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that my name is Beatrice and while living in Italy they called me Beatrix. I so enjoy your little farm and the new additions will keep me busy looking!

  5. AMAZING JOB Terry! I think you clearly deserve a rest! Thank you for all the great posts this week, so emotional too I might add. I hope you can have a restful, peaceful weekend.

  6. Terry, please help me. I know how to hold a chicken, but can’ catch them. Any advice?

    • It helps to have them in a confined space. It helps if the chickens recognize that all good things come from you. Do they come when called? They should. (See my youtube video.) Approach calm and go for the sides.

  7. I remember Twiggy! I do not think the world had ever seen anyone as thin as she was. When she turned sideways, she disappeared.

  8. Thank you. The ones (two sisters) don’t come when called. They hold to the back of the flock. I need to put blu-kote on them. One has only 5 tail feathers left.

  9. Lovely names! And wonderful descriptions, too. You’ve been very busy this week, what with all the re-homing and major posting going on. Have a restful weekend and enjoy your smaller – if none-the-less-fascinating flock!

  10. I was watching them bed down last night. Edwina might have her hands full as Twiggy matures. She’s a pretty aggressive hen and has control of the teenage pack right now. Betty headed for the top rung when the teens arrived for the night and Beatrix sat quietly above them and watched the circus…. all fighting for a space to roost. I saw a lot of white wings flapping. I think Twiggy is in control of them for now. Very interesting to watch.

  11. Hi, I’ve been a reader for about a year or two, followed a link from disapproving rabbits, where a photo of Candy must have been featured. (I love lops!) I’ve enjoyed the chick cam and your blog posts. Commenting for the first time because, reading Veronica’s bio and the inspiration of her name, I fondly remember a favorite book of my daughter’s– Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken, by Kate DiCamillo. A delightful book! Do you know it? Louise sounds a lot like Veronica. The illustrations by Harry Bliss are enchanting.

    • Candy made it into and I missed it? Yes, I know the Louise book. Kate DiCamillo wrote one of my favorite books, ever, Because of Winn Dixie.