Meet Me In Austin!

My Über-talented friend, Lauren Scheuer, did the art for the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour, and was invited to be part of the festivities. She’s going, and I’m tagging along! We know that we have HenCam and Scratch and Peck fans in the Lone Star State, and we’re hoping that some of you live near enough to Austin so that we can meet in person. To that end, Lauren and I will be at the Driskill Bar on Friday night, at 5:30 pm, and we’d like to see you there! Yes, we know it’s a fancy place, but, we’re tourists! And the Driskill has a Friday night happy hour with half-price margaritas!

Scheuer Funky 2013 72 dpi

On Saturday, Lauren and I will be at the Buck Moore Feed and Supply, which is where the tickets for the coop tour are picked up. She’ll have her book, Once Upon A Flock, to sign, and I’ll have Vintage Chicken Photographs. Stop by and chat for awhile.

Lauren has to fly home on Sunday, but I can’t pass up a chance to see the bluebonnets.


It’s something that’s been on my wish list ever since I was a little girl and saw photos in a magazine. AND it’s the week of legendary flea markets in the Hill Country. So, I’m going to take a day and go. Anyone else heading out that way?

Please let me know if can meet us in Austin!


  1. I love Austin..wish I could meet you at the bar for Margaritas! Have a wonderful trip! P.S. Ordered Lauren’s book…looks very good…

  2. So exciting! We will be there for the coop tour too! Hope to see you for sure, as you have always been so kind in your responses to our home hascarpet@yahoo emailings. Safe travels!

  3. Get a “batini” at the Driskill! It’s their signature cocktail named for the bats in Austin. I love the Driskill and used to stay there often. It’s haunted!

  4. Going to see if I can get some of my 3 sisters to go. Austin is a great experience. One sister is wanting to build a coop and run, so this could be a terrific opportunity. Hope to see you there!

  5. Have a wonderful trip, sounds like fun! Love flea markets, never know what you might find!

  6. so jealous! sounds like a ton of fun – have a great time!

  7. Terry,

    Welcome to Austin. I’ve lived here for nearly 35 years and it’s the best place in the world. I am so excited you are coming to town – unfortunately I may be going out of town for Easter! But if I stick around I will be sure to stop by to meet you in person. I’ve been on the Funky Chicken Coop Tour in the past and it’s a blast. I feel like we’re old friends – since I “visit” at least once a day and raise chickens vicariously though you. Hope to see you in later this month.

  8. Have a great trip! And thank you for introducing us to Lauren…her blog is wonderful!! I spent half the afternoon reading yesterday. Her stories had me on the edge of my seat,her illustrations are amazing and now I am officially in love with her chickens. :)

  9. I am interested to hear how coop designs in south Tx differ from those in colder climes. If I get chickens, I am planning on a three-sided coop – basically shelter from wind and rain. We only have a handful of nights in winter where the temps dip below freezing (Gulf Coast, MS).

    • You have to worry about heat. Heat kills far more than cold. Check my FAQ page for the one on hot weather care. You’ll still have to protect from predators and have a coop that you can secure closed at night. And chickens like their nesting boxes in cozy, safe places. I’d still give them a building to live in.