Watch Me Skype

Tomorrow is World Read Aloud Day. I’m taking part by donating four Skype visits to classrooms from California to Maine. Skyping is a live-streaming video tool. Because Steve has put WiFi in the coops, I’m able to video chat with the kids while surrounded by hens! For WRAD, I’ll be sitting in the Big Barn, and you’ll be able to watch on the BarnCam. I’m going to try and read Tillie Lays an Egg, but chaos might ensue. The hens are fascinated by my iPad, and who knows what Agatha will do! My first visit is set for 11:15 am EST, and the last will be at 2:30. Each visit will be about 20 minutes, so stop by to see what’s going on.

Snow is expected tomorrow, so I might have to step outside and show those southern California children what our weather looks like. The last time that I visited that school, it looked like this:


They’re in for quite a surprise!

If you are interested in booking a Skype visit to your school, check my school visits page. And, speaking of events, I have a number coming up. Check my upcoming events page for a complete listing.


  1. …and Jasper had tail feathers! I can’t wait to check in and see how the visits go. Will Agatha try to climb through the iPad to get to children’s laps? Will Pearl lay an egg? These and other mysteries will be explored…

  2. What an awesome way to celebrate World Read Aloud Day! Can’t wait to see how your girls ‘participate’.

  3. How fun! Those lucky school kids. And I will bet some of them have NEVER even seen a real chicken!

  4. I’d love to see you all but…..Oh, dear, I’m in Melbourne, Australia. You’re 16 hours behind us (or 8 hours ahead on the previous day). Which is why HenCam is so difficult sometimes. So….I think….at 11 am on the 6th it’ll be 3 am on the 7th here. Ummm.. have to set the alarm. I might just make your 2.30 session. It will be 5.30 am on Friday morning….no Thursday….oh, heck! Hope it all goes well, anyway.

  5. Two things I have to say…I sure hope the goats get equal time AND 2) Those are some stylin’ boots and now the Goatmother wants some. See what you have done? :)

    • I seem to wear through barn boots every few months. Doesn’t matter if they’re expensive or cheap. So I got to Marshall’s. Colorful, inexpensive boots.

  6. That was fun! Thanks, Terry. You are a very animated storyteller and I bet the children loved the story and seeing (and hearing) the Gems.