Book Giveaway!

I’ve added two new titles to my series of vintage animal photograph postcard books – Vintage Farm Animal Photographs and Vintage Dog Photographs.





Vintage Chicken Photographs is the first of the series.



Inside these books, you’ll find images like these:


AnimalPostcardBook-220      AnimalPostcardBook-173

DogPostcardBook-327   DogPostcardBook-329

DogPostcardBook-326    AnimalPostcardBook-320


Details about these books can be found on my Books page.


To celebrate their publication I’m giving away all three to one lucky winner! To enter, tell me which cover you like the best. I want to get the word out about these books, so there are additional chances to win. Like me on Facebook to get another entry. (You have to come back here and tell me you’ve done that.) If you already like me on FaceBook, then share this post to get another entry. If you share this post via Twitter, you get an additional entry. Again, come back here and tell me in a separate comment. In order to select a winner, I enter the number of blog comments into a random number generator. I only count comments here on my website, not on my FaceBook page.

The winner will be selected on Friday, September 20 at 9 pm EDT. I’ll contact the winner via email. Good luck!


  1. I think the dog cover is adorable! I think you also need a (ahem) cat book :) Nice job!

  2. I have shared on FB and Twitter…I like the dog book cover best…only because I have two dogs and could picture either of them in that car!!

  3. Tough choice, but my vote is for the pigs cover of the Vintage Farm Animal Photographs book.

  4. ‘Vintage Dog Photographs’ !!! The dog looks like my chow-mix Remy, a very sweet, if bratty, boy.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these.

  5. I vote for the Dog cover, even though they are all great! I just love the goggles on the dog! That would be something I would do, if I had lived back then! Ha!

  6. My favorite is the dog cover. It has a sense of playfulness and mischief…..makes you want to see more of what is inside the book.

  7. I already LIKE you on FB…I love VINTAGE FARM ANIMALS! I think a picture of Pasco the Llama needs to be in there! LOL!!!!!

  8. I’m a little partial to the chicken and dog photos since I have both those animals, however the pigs are so cute I think I like them best. Enjoy you whole site!

  9. I love them all but my favorite is the dog cover. I did share the link on facebook.

  10. All of them are just adorable! But I have to choose one, so I pick the dog cover.

  11. I LOVE the cover of the Vintage Farm Animals, with the pigs It captures how farm animals ahould be raises freely instead of in tight cages… I also shared the link on facebook… I would love to have these 3 books.

  12. Hi Terry. I did the Twitter and Facebook. I have the first set of postcards, the piglets are adorable. I was wondering if Owly and Nancy Drew have a ‘friendship’ going? Seems like the last few days, when I’m watching, where one goes the other is not far behind.

  13. I’m loving the pic of the woman holding the pig. Why? Because I identify with it! I’d have a little pig under my arm, resting on my hip, like that girl. Just like that. And, I could not kill the pig. It would grow old with me.
    On another note, a few years back I was passed by a guy on a motorcycle with a dog riding on the back wearing goggles and tongue hanging out in the wind. Oh I wish I would have figured out my phone camera ahead of time! One of your pics reminds me of that memory.
    It’s not that I don’t want your books, but do not enter me in the contest. I’d love for someone else to win! :)

  14. Hi Terry! What a wonderful website!! I “liked” and shared on FB. My favorite is the woman holding the chicken. The woman looks so happy and proud!! Even the chicken looks happy! Your chickens, goats and dogs look very happy too. Phoebe is a lively, happy bunny too. I have a rabbit and enjoy tuning in to the “Phoebe Show” everyday! Thank you for having an entertaining, informative site!

  15. I like the Vintage Chicken cover. I have many pictures of my daughters holding our chickens and loving on them.

  16. Though I prefer chickens to dogs – I like the dog cover best. It is whimsical and more interesting than the chicken book cover. The farm animal’s cover with the pigs is second place for me.

  17. I like all 3 of the covers but if I had to pick a favourite it would be the dog cover!

  18. Love all the covers, but of course I prefer the chickens, as I am a chicken geek and love your site!

  19. Piggies with their big momma. Why? Pigs give so much for so little in return. SUE-WHEA!! Love’m.

  20. Love the piggy cover, however, the dog one is adorable and whimsical so I have to go with the majority!

  21. My favorite is the Dog cover. (I have the Chicken book at home and love it!)

  22. I love them all and I love your blog. I read it daily and enjoy it so much. Thank you!

  23. I think I prefer the chicken cover <3 It is beautiful. I have a pic of my five year old holding a chicken and I want to blow it up and turn it black and white. Maybe frame and put in the dining room. I dont know. Just the love of animals really <3 Love all of the covers what a great idea! Thanks for the blog its fun!

  24. I love the farm animal cover, the little piggies next to their mum are just so cute! I would love to keep some pigs one day.

  25. They all look great. I would probably have to choose animals and hopefully it has pictures of chickens too. My grandma talked extensively about growing up on her grandfathers farm and writing Ol’ Dobbin to school.

  26. It is so hard to make a choice. They are all books I would love to own. But since I have to choose I think the dog book is it. Can’t wait to see the pictures inside!

  27. one of my favorite dogs jack russell has to be the dog
    thanks for your great hencam makes a great way to start the day