Spring IS Here

There’s still some snow in the shadows by the driveways, but these are in the front yard. I think that I can finally say that spring is here.

spring flowers


Yesterday I planted seeds: carrots, chives, scallion, spinach and lettuce. The garden still has a lot of tidying up and moving of compost and dirt before I can do the major summer planting, but, oh, how good it is to see this beautiful dark earth with that label stuck in!

lettuce planted

Old Nest Revealed

For the last couple of days, temperatures reached into the 60s. It tells you something about our winter that snow remains in the shady areas,



but a large swath of lawn is finally out from under the white stuff! Scooter knows what to do. Sunbathe.

Scooter on lawn


Lucky dog. This weekend, I had other things to attend to. The barns got a good cleaning and an airing out.



It’s not yet time to do the thorough spring cleaning, but on Saturday I took stock of what needs to be done now that the long and snowy winter is over.

Some plants will need tender loving care. Branches broke under the weigh of the snow. Mice ate bark. But the climbing hydrangea is astoundingly vigorous and sturdy. I clip it back several times a year, if I didn’t it would overwhelm the Little Barn and even lift the shingles from the walls.

little barn


This is the first plant to show signs of spring life.



Looking closely, it revealed a secret from last summer.



I had no idea that birds had made a home in its branches.

nest closeup

I’ll clear this nest out, prune the plant, and wait to see who moves in this spring.

The Rabbit’s Tunnel

Phoebe is the only one this morning who was happy to see a dusting of new snow on the ground. But, even with this icy precipitation coming down, even Phoebe has to accept that this winter is almost over.

For awhile she was Queen of the Mountain.

Queen of the hill



With persistence and hard work, Phoebe dug out a tunnel.

long tunnel



Last week the snow pile melted and the roof to the tunnel disappeared.

fence view


It was still a good place to gaze at the world. Her place.

gazing out



But, the rain of the last few days has washed away most of the snow.. Now it’s just a muddy path that the goats can see.

no tunnel


Phoebe would rather stay in her dry and cozy den inside under the nesting boxes, where I’m sure she’s plotting what to do when the ground warms and dries out. Dirt tunnel season.

A Reading Rabbit

There’s something about old wind-up toys – the complex animal ones, with the quirky details – that make me smile and feel that silly happy feeling. Here’s one for Easter:

easter bunny


It’s a bookish rabbit, and look, this dapper fellow is reading about a hen!

bunny reading


He’s for sale at a store that also makes me happy, Nesting. Thank goodness for indie retail shops that reflect the tastes and quirks of their owners. Nesting has a mix of old and new, but it’s all curated with an eye to the beautiful and/or whimsical. Do you have a favorite shop that deserves a shout-out?

Happy Easter everyone! (My springtime celebration entails a seder for friends later in the week.)



Lily is Twelve

On Monday it was Lily’s twelfth birthday. The sun was out. She got to spend the morning in a favorite place, the porch outside of my office. There she has a panoramic view of the road and the woods. It’s the perfect place for an alert dog to keep an eye on things, but to still have me in sight.

S and L


Scooter stayed indoors in a patch of warm sun. It was a good day for both of them.