Easter Basket

Easter basket


He has a basket with eggs filled with candy, and even a toy rabbit, but this young boy has no need for chicks in his Easter basket, because he has a mama hen and her babies right in his backyard!

What’s going to be in your Easter basket?

NOTE: In this photograph (from around 1910) the hen is living in what is often called a broody coop. This is a temporary shelter for a hen to sit on her eggs, hatch out her chicks, and care for them for about a week, safely away from the rest of the flock. These days, some catalogs are selling similar shelters, billed as urban coops for small flocks. Don’t purchase one! You’ll have flock health and behavior issues. Read this FAQ for coop design criteria that will keep your chickens happy and healthy, and take a look at my Pinterest page where I have an annotated collection of small coops to give you ideas.

Egg Place Cards

Every week, my hens lay at least one or two especially beautiful eggs. I can’t bear to crack them and throw out the shells. So, I save those speckled, brightly colored, striped, or otherwise egg-cellently colored eggs. I use a clever little tool to blow them out. (Unlike the expression you can’t have your cake and eat it too, you CAN have your eggs and have the shells, too!) I take some of these eggs to show off to children when I do school visits, but most of the eggs get displayed in a (very) large egg basket (it’s now half-full!).

Yesterday I hosted a Passover seder. This is a meaningful meal composed of many courses. It goes on for a couple of hours. Our seder has much laughter and wide-ranging conversation. The table sets the mood. I like it to be beautiful, yet relaxed, and charming yet traditional. This year, there were eleven at the table. I used eggs as place holders.



(Part of the seder tradition is that everyone sits on pillows. I’m sure that some of you have already noticed the pillows on the right-hand chairs.)

This gave me an excuse to use both my blown out eggs, and my collection of egg cups.

egg cup


another egg cup


terry egg cup


This time of year, there are plenty of holiday gathering that use eggs as part of the imagery and festivities. One of my readers, Stacey, uses eggs as place holders for her Easter table. She uses photographs. No one minds being an egg head in her family! (Directions for this craft are here.)

Easter2013 (1)


What decorations are you making with your blown out eggs? Let me know in the comments!

Vintage Cat Photo

I’d like to have more readers for my blog. I’ve been thinking about what it is that I can do to make it more popular. What’s missing? What makes other blogs wildly popular?

Cats, of course. Here at HenCam I don’t have any cats. Cats are the one animal that I (admit to) being allergic to. A cat walks past me and my eyes swell up. Total bummer.

I do, however, have cats in my collection of vintage photographs of animals and their people. Here’s one:

vintage cat


Look at the girl with her striped socks and high, many-buttoned boots (can we bring back that look?)

Let’s zoom in.

vintage cat closeup

The bow! (We don’t have to bring that look back.)

I love this hefty cat. I’ve no doubt that that kitty was both a friend and a good mouser. Alas, such a solid, sensible animal isn’t about to be an internet sensation. Even if it does have the best ever long white spiky whiskers. But, a cat like this one is cute enough for me. In fact, I prefer that determined expression of I have better things to do than to be adorable. Let’s at it!

Do you have a cat? More than one? Who out there is a cat person? Let me know in the comments.