Chicken Keeping Workshop

I’ve scheduled a Chicken Keeping Workshop on Saturday, June 20. It takes place here in my backyard in Carlisle, Massachusetts. You’ll get to tour the gardens,

tour property


see how my barns are set-up, how I keep them clean, and where all of that manure goes (hint: compost!)

in barn



Half of the workshop takes place on the porch, where we’ll talk about chicken care, housing, breeds, and a wealth of other topics. There will be homemade iced tea and cookies to sustain you.




Everyone will get to hold a chicken!

hold a chicken


Space is limited to only fourteen participants, so sign up now. Details and registration on my Events Page.

If anyone is interested in an Advanced Chicken Workshop that afternoon, please let me know. I could add that to the schedule. The advanced class covers health and age issues in detail, as well as going more in-depth into chicken behavior.


  1. I really wish I could fly over and come to your workshops. How about a video link ( paid for of course ) ? :)