Spring IS Here

There’s still some snow in the shadows by the driveways, but these are in the front yard. I think that I can finally say that spring is here.

spring flowers


Yesterday I planted seeds: carrots, chives, scallion, spinach and lettuce. The garden still has a lot of tidying up and moving of compost and dirt before I can do the major summer planting, but, oh, how good it is to see this beautiful dark earth with that label stuck in!

lettuce planted


  1. April 15th … not bad given that only a week or 10 days ago you were still getting snow.
    Planting-wise, how does this compare to last year?

    • If I could get the rest of my spring crop in right now, I’d be on schedule. But I have a lot of garden cleanup to do, so I’m just going to focus on my warm weather crops which go in in June.

  2. Yeah!!! Spring is here too, Crabby Patty our 4 year old buff is BROODY again! I had hopes we would just get eggs from her this year, but here she goes again….she is so very grumpy..You are ahead of me in planting, we have had a few weeks of wet chilly rain that would just pound out the seeds….I do have sugar snap peas up…have fun!

  3. I just noticed that your time mark on my message is 3 hours ahead…It’s actually 7:43 am in my neighborhood…I just came in from my field walk with the dog,,it is beautiful but very cool here this morning……..

  4. I planted corn and green beans last weekend. Tomatoes are going in the ground this weekend. I’ve never been successful with crocus. Yours are lovely.

    • Well, I photographed the ones that are there. The year that I planted 300, I managed to get the neighborhood chipmunks very, very fat. Those are the ones that survived :)

  5. So pleased that Spring has finally arrived you have had a rough time this winter. I am very behind with my planting we had a very wet cold winter and the ground was sodden, now we have gone into a mini Heatwave and some are saying it may last 3 months !! I hope not I have got to much work to do on my veg beds to get ready for planting (no pleasing some folk) :)
    It is great to be able to see everyone including the Gems on the Webcam getting outside and enjoying the sunshine, long may it last :)

    • We are all thrilled to pieces with the sun, although Tonka says that he still has his winter coat on, so work sessions need many breaks!

  6. Jess keeps asking if she could please have an update and pic’s of Tonka. Are Tonka and his friend Maggie back out in their paddock yet ?

    • If Jess is old enough to be on FaceBook, have her follow my page. I post pictures there more frequently than here. Maggie and Tonka have been out all winter! Only during the worst of the blizzards were they kept in their stalls during the day.

  7. Thankyou. Jess’s mum won’t let her go on facebook yet, but she is getting a lot of pleasure reading all the old blogs about Tonka. :)

  8. I had to smile about the chipmunks.I’ve fed the field mice with over 400 crocuses and the squirrels have eaten about 120 tulip bulbs this year. My chickens have now joined in with the campaign to rid my garden of spring flowers by pecking and shredding the leaves of the tulips that survived the squirrels. On a brighter note, the daffodils are glorious and seemed untouched by fur or feather and the bluebells up in our wood are beginning to flower. There should be a wonderful carpet of blue in a few weeks time.