Snow and Moonlight on the Coop

Another full day of snowfall and cold winds ended last night in a starry sky and moonlight on the snow. Steve took this photograph from his office window. The north star is at the upper right.

moonlit snow at Little Pond Farm


  1. So Terry, just how much snow did you get? I would also like to read your perspective on the Avian flu and backyard flocks….I live 25 minutes away from a city in British Columbia…Abbotsford…..who have had an out break of it, or a form of it…they have destroyed 11 flocks a couple big commercial farms, too….we have had it reported that our wild fowl in our county of Whatcom, Washington State..but no backyard flocks..what do we look for, or watch for? Any info from you would be of help….Also congrats on your football team, they beat our football team on Sunday….it was a great game, so I am told, I don’t watch much football, if there was a chicken bowl then I would be watching that! Thanks Terry for the pics of your snow,…..take care

    • Just had an outbreak confirmed 30 miles from us in Hampshire UK, so would also value any input. Thanks one and all.

    • That’s a topic I’ll have to write an entire blogpost on. For now I’ll just say that the original vector appears to have been wild fowl. If your hens free-range where there are ducks, etc, I’d close them up. Don’t feed wild birds. Keep your flock away from bird feeders. I’d also impose strict biosecurity – don’t visit other flocks, and don’t let visitors into your pens. If your hens do become ill, a basic blood test will determine if it is the virulent form of avian flu.

  2. So beautiful…heh, I’ve probably already said on these posts I’m new to snow, but I’d noticed it makes the nights so bright and clear. Thank you for taking the time to capture that for us!

  3. The cattle picture was great but this is another winner. Lovely. Just lovely. Steve’s got the eye.

    • Thank you everyone. I used a Nikon D300s, 18mm lens at f/6.3, 30 sec exposure, ISO 200. Camera was on a tripod looking out my 2nd floor office window. (Yes the window was open!)

      • Thanks Steve, I have a Nikon D200 and don’t get anywhere near such fantastic images, but I have never quite worked out how to operate it well. Probably best I go back to an automatic one that selects all the settings for me….If you ever fancy a career change you would do very well as a landscape photographer :-) Fantastic shot!!

  4. Breathtaking!! but SO cold looking!! Brrrrrrrrr, put another log on the fire!!! Stay warm and cozy :-)

  5. Enchanting photo Steve! Could not believe the Snow Moon and Jupiter in the night sky in the Smoky Mts. It was amazing .