G is for Game Bird

For as long as humans have kept poultry there has been cock fighting. It’s a horrible bloody “sport” and is banned in many states. But, out of that history comes this interesting and unique breed. I hear that they are full of personality and fun to watch. It’s important to keep them around so that genetic diversity in domestic chickens is maintained.

For those of you that, as children, dreamed of keeping a pet dinosaur, this is the breed for you.

g is for game



You might even get an egg or two.

G poem


  1. I have a great picture of you holding one when I saw you at the poultry show. Impressive primitive looking birds.
    Happy Holidays Terry

  2. What breed is that exactly? What do I search for when I check the local hatchery websites to find this bird?

    • Look for the modern game, or the bantam version which is the American bantam game. Do your research first because these breeds aren’t the best for most small backyard set-ups.