Vintage Cat Photo

In a blatant attempt to get more traffic to my website, I am posting a cat photo.

343 - Version 2

What? You say this isn’t an over-the-top adorable kitten doing something ridiculous to make you laugh? You say that this cat won’t go viral?

I know.

But I must remain true to what this blog is about. I respect animals for their innate natures – I don’t want them to be people in fur – and this cat surely knows who she is and her place in the world. She has gravitas. (Isn’t that a wonderful word! It should be applied to animals more often.)

Take a moment to note the details in the background. Those old-fashioned tulips just past their prime! The crocheted table cover! How pretty the curtains with the simple borders are. This cat in this hundred-year-old  photograph might not be as adorable as a trending kitten video, but I swear that I can hear her purr.


  1. Gravitas is a wonderful word for animals…..My Lovely Leghorn named Lavender has an abundance of gravitas, and eggs!! I love this picture, thanks for sharing.

  2. I recalled a phrase from a calender my sister once had:

    “Even the smallest feline is a work of art.”

    I Googled this, and it is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci!

  3. This photo speaks to my farm-girl heart! She looks like a confident, hard-working member of the family. As my dad once said, “every animal on the farm has an important job, even the cats take pride in their contribution to controlling the rodent population.” I bet this girl was a great mouser!

  4. Lovely! Gravitas is a very apt description of the cat in your picture. She reminds me of a cat we had about twenty years ago.
    I don’t have a cat living with me at the moment, but I will be caretaker for a cat from tomorrow until Saturday evening for a neighbour’s cat. I have to say that this cat really won the “best home ever” lottery when he took up residence under their back porch a few years back (he was a stray). Here are my instructions for care: because he’s an indoor/outdoor cat, I must let him out in the morning before heading out to work, and let him in when I get home. I must put some dry food in one bowl, 1/4 of a wet food container in another, freshen his water, and let him out to when he’s finished, in the morning. In the evening, I must wipe his feet with supplied cat towel before letting him into the house and repeat a.m. feeding instructions. While he’s eating, I must brush him out with supplied cat brush to remove any burrs or whatever that he may have picked up during his outdoor travels. And of course, I must check on him before retiring. I think I may need to get up a bit earlier than usual, since I also have my own animals to tend before I leave at 6:30 a.m. ;-)

    • Ha ha ha! Spoiled kitty! But I have to agree with the de-burring ritual because one of my cats gets covered in burrs…must be his long hair because the short haired cats don’t. One time he got one of these burrs up his nose and that was a $300 vet visit.

  5. A picture of pure content! I bet he sleeps with the owner….sorry, one doesn’t own a cat, they merely let you live with them and wait on them. Dogs have masters, cats have staff.

    • “Cats have staff” – hilarious but so true. I have one who is wedged between me and the back of my chair as I type hoping for handouts from my plate. One is next to me in the window having a bath and the third sits on a stool I have provided in front of the door so she can look outside. But what would we do without them?

  6. And she must have been a pampered pet to be allowed on the table and not a barn cat. I’m just surprised she wasn’t eating the fern.

  7. Cats have staff, exactly! The staff in our house are doormen, cooks, servers, maids, toy tossers, snugglers, and bed warmers.

  8. teri – you are going to be inundated with vistors to your site over this cat portrait. i love the picture too and it reminds me of my Clawed who lived with me for about 17 years – on and off – he strayed in, one rainy night when i was gone and the boys (young, but capable ) were home alone . Clawed climbed the house in order to gain their attention so they would let him in! they had no idea w-h-a-t was making that clawing, scratching noise and they were freaked.when i got home and found the cat, of course he stayed. well, usually – he would leave and stay gone – sometimes for a week or two but always came back.then he would be so happy to be back home that i asked him once “Clawed, if you’re so happy to be here, why do you leave?” but he never answered.

  9. The cat was not allowed to sit on the table. The cat was sitting on the table and allowed her picture to be taken.

  10. Love this picture. I’ve had at least two cats my whole 40+ adult years. Wouldn’t have it any other way. That fern would be history in my house! What a good kitty.