Mothers and Daughters (and chickens and a goat)

I love this photograph of three generations of women and daughters. This family portrait was not a spontaneous snap shot. All of the women are wearing their finest clothes, embellished with lace, bows and jewelry. And yet, they pose with animals under their care – chickens and goats. (Notice the goat cart that the youngest is perched on!) These animals were symbolic of the realm of women’s work, and also a sign that there was abundance and productivity on the farm.

Look closely at their smiling faces filled with pride and love of family. I wish the same for you (as well as the company of chickens and goats!) on this Mother’s Day.



  1. Thank you and a wonderful Mother’s Day to you! I love the picture.

  2. Such a lovely photo of hard working mothers and their families. I would’ve loved to live in this era but I would miss my auto. washer!

  3. The goats and chickens, of course, had to be tempted to pose by the use of food!

  4. Your picture reminds me of my Mother’s days! My daughter participates in 4H and our local county fair starts this Wednesday. So, every year on Mother’s day, we pack up my daughter’s 2 project goats and I get to spend the day with her, while she fits them for show. It may not be anyone’s idea of a glamorous Mother’s day, but I get to spend it with my daughter and I wouldn’t have it any other way!