The Goats Wait

The other day the weather warmed, the snow melted, and one could see the ground. The Goat Maid thought that it would be a good day for the goats to have an outing. They agreed. The goat boys made a beeline to the rose bushes, which they helpfully cleaned of wilted leaves.


The Goat Maid left them to their task to do some chores of her own inside of the barn.

It is not okay for the Goat Maid to leave her goats.

Pip and Caper waited…



…and waited for the Goat Maid to return.



Which she did, of course. She was quite flattered that they love her more than roses.

IMG_3844 (1)


  1. Ouch! Do those rose bushes have thorns? Pip and Caper’s coats should have been a clue as to the kind of winter we would have!

  2. Terry I have no idea how you deal all that ice. We were hit bad for my area of VA this week, and I have almost fallen twice because of the ice. My balance even with rock salt, and boots, and cat litter on the ground. I just can’t make it. Is their anything you put on your shoes to help with traction, because otherwise I don’t know how anyone who is elderly, or disabled with really bad balance issues can deal with Northern winters otherwise.
    Otherwise glad that the goats are doing well this winter, I am sure once summer comes and you maybe ride Tonka over that they will get along great. Lily though will probably think he is a giant dog she needs to run off.

  3. I saw the boys frolicking yesterday. There was some jumping and jostling and head butts. They were frisky. As to something for the ice. You can try micro spikes that are a clever thing you can slip right over your shoes or boots. There are a few to choose from. Use them for hiking in winter or walking, they provide great traction. Try a store that provides outdoor gear.

  4. Such patient goats. (Have those words ever appeared together??) And a Goat Maid worth their wait. I still have your post “Got Peanuts” from 2010 bookmarked. Read it on dark dreary days and laugh every time. Thanks for one of life’s pleasures.

    • Patient. Goats. Nope, they don’t go in the same sentence :) I’m glad to be able to share the goat boys with you. It’s good to share their joie de vivre with the world.

  5. They are so loved…. :) They love you lots too..I can imagine the look on their faces when you came out!

  6. So adorable. I wonder, was Caper talking to you the whole time you were on the other side of the door!