Vintage Apron #8

This color scheme is similar to Vintage Apron # 4: mid-century pink, turquoise, grey and black.




But even with those roosters (on small, starred balls, what’s with that?) the scalloped pink trim makes this number somehow flirty and feminine.



I have twenty pies to bake in the next two weeks for my Pie Party. I’ve already rolled out and frozen 16 pie crusts, but since some of the pies have top and bottom crusts, I still need to make 4 more, and a few graham cracker crusts, too. Time to tie on the apron and get to work.


  1. I like this apron because its neat looking and it has that belly flap. Seems when I’m cooking or tasting the belly is where everything lands. This would be the most practical apron in my kitchen. Your lucky Terry, your drips and drops would pass your belly and hit your shoes!

  2. Do you make cakes also? A couple weeks ago I made a spiced pumpkin cheese cake with a ginger snap crust.. It was fantastic if i do say so myself.. I was even a little health consious with it and made it with FAT FREE cream cheese, which made the texture wonderful…

  3. Here is a challenge. Clicker train your girls to stand on balls. I dare you. The goat boys may be able to pull it off :)

    • Hah! I did teach the goats to push a soccer ball into a goal, but they were very competitive and there was too much head butting :)

  4. Your aprons are so neat. Pumpkin cheesecake sounds great! I asked my friend to bake one for Thanksgiving but, I think I’m getting a orange chiffon pie and another one as well. Maybe next time on the Pumpkin. I really enjoy the nice Vanilla bean cheesecakes that she makes. We will definitely have to try your recipes.

  5. Love the acrobatic roosters and the fifties color way. My grandmother’s best friend had a gray and pink car that I loved back then. I’ve been using 1000 recipes a lot recently and am looking forward to March. Just when the slush is coming over the tops of our Wellies, we will have fun with your new book.

  6. My first thought was that they were standing on eggs. I’m so logical at times! Great apron. My Mom and aunts always wore the aprons with a bib top. Have fond memories of the wonderful food that came out of their wood stoves. Dad bought Mom a gas stove in the late 1940s. She was concerned that the food wouldn’t taste the same. Glad to say everything turned out just as delicious. Thanks for all you share with us, Terry. It is appreciated!

  7. I thought it was pie time. I was telling my sister-in-law about your pie party just today. It is such a great idea. Love this apron.