Narragansett Turkey

vintage turkey


Turkeys are crazy looking birds, what with their bare, iridescent heads, the long feathers hanging off of the middle of their breast, and dinosaur legs that would have fit into a scene from Jurassic Park. In my town, there are large flocks of wild turkeys. They used to be shy and reclusive animals. No longer! Even brave dog Lily leaves them alone.

Safe travels over the Thanksgiving break, everyone! And, if you come across a flock of these turkeys, do brake while they saunter out of the way!

This magazine cover is from my collection of vintage poultry ephemera.


  1. There is a wild flock foraging on the fields around Verrill Farms. I was reassured to see them there today. Guess they dodged the bullet this time unless Steve gets some last minute orders….

    Great magazine cover. In November 1939 10 cents was a LOT of money. Pretty prosperous farmers, I’d say.

  2. Thanksgiving & Hanukkah Greetings! Thanks so much for the joy you bring to so many.