Chicken Crate End Table

The stair landing in my house is large enough for a bench, but not much else. A bench needs a table, but in this space, with the light slanting in from a window up high, the furniture that could fit into that narrow slot looked squished in and short.  The solution was to turn a vintage chicken crate into an end table.




I try not to overdo the chicken decor. I have no desire to have kitschy ceramic roosters on every surface. But, the bench was just the place for the pillow that I made out of an old feed sack. And, old signs with bold lettering look modern. Old signs with chickens and eggs in a great old font on a bold yellow background? That’s my sort of chicken-themed decor. What’s yours?



  1. Love your decorating style and busted out laughing when I read “kitschy ceramic roosters on every surface”…I so agree! Living in a small apartment, my favs are kitchen towels with unique chickens on them (wish I could attach a photo) and just bought a Corian chicken shaped cutting board at a street fair this past weekend. The guy who made her explained that he gets Corian “discards” (like the kitchen sink is cut-out) so buying a cutting board is helping the environment too :) The Corian color is called “granola” so she’s a speckled chicken cutting board and reminded me of Edwina (plus I think chickens would love eating granola so that made the whole deal complete). Loving California…maybe you’ve seen a similar item back East too? Have a great day.

  2. What an incredible landing you have in your home! And you decorated it perfectly….Love the lighted branches! My B.R is not all Chicken theme but I do have some very pretty framed water-coloured cards of chickens painted by friends, above my sink that I get to enjoy every time I wash my hands etc. Friends seem to want to gift me chicken themed trinkets these days, so I have (some) of them scattered about the house.

  3. I don’t have much of the chicken themed décor. I have couple chicken dish towels hanging on the stove, rug beater in the shape of a rooster, the top of an old weather vane above the sink and a chicken clock.
    My biggest “treasure” combines two of my hobbies if you will. I love to collect old washing (laundry) items. (it’s my grandmothers fault). Years ago a friend game me a washing board and clothespin bag. Both were promotional give a ways by a feed mill in Minnoka Minnesota and were sponsored by Purinia Mills. They both have the famed checkerboard on them, the feed store name, address and phone number which by the way is only 4 numbers. The clothespin bag also has three hens pecking at grain.
    They both hang by my 1940ish wringer washer in my kitchen. The washer works by the way and I use it to wash area rugs and dog things at least twice a year to keep in running.

  4. LOL I keep all the chicken decor in the kitchen, I have a kitschy rooster made out a coconut shell but not ceramic…

  5. Picture Siouxsie decorating a house. I told you I was a lot like her. I have all the kitschy chickens, cows, pigs and sheep all over. The dining area has a chicken quilt on the wall that I made and there is also one in the livingroom. Many egg baskets filled with blown out goose eggs, kitschy ceramic eggs,sun flowers and always a chick among them, Old wooden cheese boxes hold blown out chicken eggs. My house is a barn yard and I love it. Your house is elegant and very pretty…but mine is interesting, wild and you never know what barn yard animal will turn up some where! I just filled blue mason jars with baked pumpkin seeds, put them in a wire milk basket on the table..but along came a ceramic roo and jumped right on top!

  6. I do have some chicken decor. Unusual type pieces that I had before getting the chickens. And I have my grandmothers various chicken salt and pepper shakers. I love your crate idea!

  7. I have a shelf with myu chicken stuff a few hens on nests, a beautiful cast iron full size hen I gpt for christmas last year. I am kicking myself right now though after seeing your idea . I saw one of those old crates at a yard sale this weekend and didnt grab it. Im trying not to collect so much stuff but im sorry I didnt grab it

  8. I don’t want ceramic or roosters. But, I never see hens on things. I admire salt and pepper shakers but cannot afford to get one. It would be the gateway chicken salt and pepper shakers. Soon, I would be skulking around, spending my food money for one more chicken set. I did find a rooster dish towel at a yard sale. It was still folded like it came from the store. I figure it was a gift and just too over the top. At Tuesday Morning there is a wire hen basket that really calls to me. Maybe it is reduced this week. Several years ago, I found chicken fabric that I bought to make napkins. I can see it right now. I should make napkins tomorrow. It has a green background and chicken wire in black. The hens are weird colors like pink, multicolored, but cute.

    • You don’t have to buy the stuff yourself. If you hang up one rooster tea towel, then forever more your friends will gift you things with chickens on them :)

      • So true. I have kindly asked my family and friends to stop. I have boxes of the stuff in the basement. I really need to have a yard sale but so much work and I hate it when I have $1 on something and someone offers 50 cents.
        I can become curt about it. I say “Thanks but no thanks, I’d rather just trash it” I get nasty looks but if I wanted 50 cents that is what I would have marked it at, it really is that simple.