Baby Robins, Day 7

The parents were off of the nest, so I stepped onto the porch to take a photograph.

day 7


The father arrived.



He took one look at me, raised the feathers on his head (look at that impressive display) and chastised me for being near his brood.

dad angry


I left.


  1. You are really an excellent observer of nature, Terry! I continue to learn from you and am finding I spend more time outside just looking at everything…plants and animals.

  2. I to am spending more time outside observing nature.

  3. :-) Father robins are a force to be reckoned with – I would have left too. Still counting four beaks in the nest … wonderful!

  4. I’m delighted to hear that Wanda and Lesley are becoming observers! There’s an art to paying attention – and a huge payback :)

  5. when the 4th baby gets thrown out – or even if it’s the first baby to try out wings and finds out it’s more difficult than it looks – and you find him and start to feed him, be prepared. buy a can of cat food, the kind marked pate get a plastic spoon and a timer and for the first day or two shovel down cat food every time he opens his little mouth (beak) and that’s where the timer comes in. you’d better BE there!
    after that, he’ll increase the time to eat betweenfeedings to his own choosing, and eventually up it to an hour. about then he’ll be trying to fly and you can teach him to peck
    what makes it all possible is that they all fall asleep at 6 o’clock sun-time, no exception! that gives you until 6 the following day!
    keep us posted

  6. thankfully as they get older, they are much cuter. :) ( love his little mohawk!)